Introducing the PacketViper VMZ/Virtual Minefield ZoneTM     

Never Present the Same Perimeter
PacketViper customers can build a Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ) to create a nearly impenetrable defense perimeter and treacherous path for connections working outside of normal operating ranges.
The VMZ leverages the network administrator's advantage - that being their intimate knowledge of the network - to create traps, gather intelligence, filter and recycle stale threat sources.  The VMZ can be configured to impose harsh penalties on sources or destinations that stray from allowed network paths.

The PacketViper VMZ leverages several key features and tactics to advance & strengthen perimeter defense:

Deception: Create phony watering holes to attract attackers.

Scan/Probe:  Identify, capture and eliminate network scans and service probes.

Port Monitoring: Identify, capture, and eliminate illegal port use.

Flooding/Rate Management:  Monitor, limit, alert on traffic rates while gathering source and destination edge intelligence.

Time Based Access:  Restrict access to services based on schedules. 

The PacketViper VMZ is uniquely configured for each customer depending on which factors are most important to that respective customer.  

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