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OT/ICS Security and Visibility - At Primary and Remote Facilities


Next-gen OT/ICS and SCADA Security

PacketViper understands security, and the many differences between IT and OT/ICS/SCADA networks. We also know that effective cybersecurity requires a layered approach in any environment. Our mission as an OT security company is to provide effective, easy-to-deploy, and affordable OT security products that defend and maintain the availability of ICS and OT networks, including how they interface and connect with IT infrastructure. Finally, you have a security solution for your critical infrastructure that protects your OT Network and its many components, including HMIs, PLCs, RTUs, SCADA assets, Historians, and more.

From functional and control viewpoints, IT and OT have different core missions, but both rely on data to operate at maximum effectiveness.  Overt time, the interconnections between IT and OT environments and the convergence of systems that support both IT and OT operations to manipulate and utilize data have grown dramatically, presenting new and difficult security challenges.  For quite a long time, OT relied on physical separation and basic security hygiene for data protection, while the Internet has forced IT to develop a myriad of tools, strategies, and tactics to secure the environment.  The difficulty is that commonly used IT security tools and approaches may not function properly or may even threaten the reliability and performance of essential OT networks and systems.

PacketViper OT360™ and PacketViper OTRemote™ are lightweight and agentless OT security solutions that provide automated threat detection, prevention, and response in critical network environments without the risk of unplanned downtime.   These products are designed and purpose-built for critical network environment, without the limitations of repurposed IT tools.

Both Products can passively monitor OT/ICS networks while providing the capability to alert and respond to threats in real time. The solutions gather and apply intelligence derived from network threats that are quietly lurking on the network -- Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) -- waiting for a vulnerability to exploit. These products also defend against those threats disguised as normal network activity, performing low and slow reconnaissance, and moving laterally through network segments, hiding in the network noise.

PacketViper’s OT/ICS solutions are not solely based on known attack signatures, which is a considerable advantage in the OT/ICS space. These tools provide agentless contextual filter of all network activity, and they monitor on-network behavior as it happens, and immediately address any activity that violates predetermined policies. Either way, OT360 and OTRemote counter both known and unknown threats while eliminating false positive results and can be deployed out of line in mirror mode, or in an active blocking in-line position. When actively blocking, the technology responds to attacks at wire speeds, both within a segment or across an enterprise, protecting critical infrastructure and preserving process uptime.

PacketViper OT360™ and
PacketViper OTRemote™

Addressing real-world OT and ICS Security Challenges

As OT networks connect with IT environments, increased exposure and system vulnerabilities result from these interconnected systems. Therefore, a new approach to how best to protect OT infrastructure components is required.

Asset discovery, anomaly detection, real-time alerts, and threat containment are vital to operational technology security. OT security tools that address these issues offer a path to better security and compliance.

OT systems frequently cannot be assessed or scanned like IT assets. Doing so may result in production outages or unwanted physical impact. Because of OT system criticality, acting based on false-positive results is not an option.

Critical Asset security should be a shared responsibility, but the differing core missions of IT and OT can cause misalignment. Third parties (manufacturer, service provider, vendor) may control the OT system, and scanning, identifying, patching vulnerabilities promptly – or at all – may not be an option.

Use PacketViper for enterprise-wide security event response. In the event of critical incident, a central authority can immediately apply previously established threat prevention rules to all locations. After the threat has subsided, each location’s security posture can revert to their normal state.

OT network segments can be easily saturated with lightweight, software-based OT sirens, sensors, and decoys that blend into the fabric of an OT network. This increases transparency across the OT network while providing high-fidelity alerts. Over time, as the solution is moved in-line, OT security managers can automatically prevent threats without manual intervention at a low cost.

PacketViper strengthens and aligns OT and IT security efforts. The solution improves visibility and gathers intelligence on network threats that are either quietly lurking and those performing reconnaissance and moving laterally. Operators have the option to respond to attacks at wire speeds. PacketViper’s OT solutions overcome traditional OT environmental challenges encountered by IT systems. OT systems typically cannot be assessed or scanned like common IT assets without creating risk of damage to OT system components, or a plethora of false-positive scan results. Based on the mission-critical nature of OT systems, taking actions based on false-positive data is not an option.

PacketViper OT360 and OTRemote have the ability to ‘shroud’ or ‘screen’ aging and vulnerable OT network assets that require connectivity to operate effectively. These solutions provide multi-context, deception-enabled boundary protection while delivering enhanced threat detection within the operational network. OT360 and OTRemote can also actively defend OT with automated threat detection and response capabilities for both external and internal threats. These solutions turn the tables on attackers and threats at the earliest stages of the attack cycle, greatly increasing the difficulty and success of the attack at initial reconnaissance.

Purpose Built Hardware

PacketViper OT360 and OTRemote appliances consists of a family of fan-cooled and fan-less metal case devices designed for critical infrastructure applications in harsh and space constrained environments. These models all provide the highest levels of threat detection, prevention, and response to protect industrial control systems and critical infrastructure facilities from remote on-site online attacks. High availability (HA) and Bypass-enabled configurations are available, as well as a variety of other deployment options including custom NEMA Rated outdoor enclosures.

PacketViper OT360 & OTRemote key solution features:


  • Lightweight, agentless non-disruptive solution
  • Simple evolution from mirror mode to in-line mode
  • Enterprise-wide prevention, detection, containment, and response
  • Configurable OT Sirens and Decoys
  • Deceptive elements that exactly match system components
  • Demonstrable regulatory compliance support (CISA, NERC-CIP, NIST and more)
  • Applied threat intelligence with layered analytics and Forensics support
  • Platform capabilities for other security tools in hard to server environments

Meaningful Cybersecurity Outcomes and Benefits

PacketViper OT360 and OTRemote solutions enable essential two-way communications with connected OT assets wherever they are, while delivering critical security, visibility, and compliance benefits.


  • Prevent external threats from taking control of primary and remote OT assets
  • Limit loss of revenues from unplanned downtime
  • Detect and reduce dwell-time of internal threats
  • Stop internal threats from establishing outbound connections
  • Confine local threats to local impacted locations
  • Enhance cybersecurity without unplanned downtime
  • Provide Real-time protection against active threats
  • Enable 2-way communication and support active monitoring
  • Support compliance with multiple security standards
  • Establish a compensating control for vanishing air gaps
  • Facilitate active vendor behavior monitoring
  • Deliver threat detection and response without complex and costly orchestrations
  • Ensure protection of public health and safety
  • Mitigate attack-related outages and damages


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