Better, Faster,

Cost-effective Cybersecurity for

OT and IT Networks

Why PacketViper?

PacketViper delivers better, faster, and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions for OT/ICS and IT practitioners in critical infrastructure industries, seeking real-time visibility into and defense of their environment’s expanding attack surface. Our patented technology allows users to proactively defend OT/ICS assets, remote OT endpoints, and entire IT infrastructures. PacketViper’s agentless detection, prevention, containment, and response technology automates attack detection and prevention from both external and internal, known, and unknown threats.

PacketViper OT360™ / OTRemote™, IT360™ and Deception360™ solutions provide operators with the contextual security data required to act while potential threats are still in motion, and before critical OT/ICS and IT assets are compromised.

PacketViper technology appeals to organizations of every size, in every industry vertical. The technology delivers meaningful, demonstrable, measurable, and practical security outcomes for users immediately upon deployment.  The solutions provide hard-dollar budget savings that go far and above the soft-dollar risk reduction metrics used by other tools in their ROI calculation models.

A sampling of measurable contributing factors include:
  • For contracts terms of 3 years or more, PacketViper routinely provides purpose-built appliances and maintenance on those devices at no cost to clients via a zero-dollar lease. This program often keeps hundreds of thousands of dollars off of the balance sheet, preserves cash, and insulates clients from hardware-related risk.
  • PacketViper clients typically see massive network traffic reductions which translate into less load on boundary defenses and network assets.  This result creates headroom on tools and enables feature enhancements and additions without costly rip & replace projects, while also extending the useful economic life of those platform.
  • Most customers experience a 10% to 20% reduction in SIEM ingestion rates, which can dramatically reduce the expense associated with volumetrically priced SIEM and SOC-as-a-Service deployments.
  • All PacketViper products provide end to end tracking of 3rd party behavior inside the network environment, with 100% attribution.  Many clients use the data obtained to negotiate more effective vendor SLAs, and to capture security event resolution costs and charge remediation expenses back to the offending party.
  • Nearly every PacketViper client is able to use the technology to demonstrate active, wire-speed defense to their Cyber Insurance carrier, yielding incremental double-digit percentage discounts on cyber insurance premiums.
  • Select PacketViper Appliances can act as a host for other security and telemetry tools in hard to serve environments, eliminating the cost of procuring, deploying, powering, maintaining, and securing scores, hundreds or even thousands of new compute / server devices.
  • Finally, PacketViper is an effective compensating control for ageing and unsupported devices or systems that simply cannot be patched. This compliance support capability allows operators in OT and IT to avoid non-compliance fines and extend the life of critical systems, deferring hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in rip and replace migration expenses.

Of course, there are soft dollar cost savings too. Some examples of those elements are:

  • Every PacketViper Product is designed to be used by moderately trained and experienced personnel.  None of the technology requires expert-level training or decades of specialized experience to operate effectively.  In an age of shortages of appropriately trained OT & IT security personnel, this advantage saves both time and money. 
  • PacketViper context filtering and deception-enabled solutions are behaviorally based and false-positive free by design. This design approach saves security event process time and tames FTE LOE expense by significantly reducing unproductive, lost, and wasted time.
  • PacketViper incorporates easy to use and share dashboards, and a variety of BI, Advanced Analytics, and layered reporting tools so that communicating security information with the rest of the organization is no longer a burden, saving time and reporting expense.
  • PacketViper clients are more secure because of the demonstrable defense in depth capability our products and solutions provide. 
Finally, there is one factor that cannot be quantified, and that is the complete commitment of our entire network security company, including every last team member, to provide the best security tool we can, delivering better, faster security to your organization. 


We will not stop working on any client issue that arises until you are completely satisfied.  You have our word.  And we take that as seriously as we do your security.

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