Performance. Reliability. Results.
Without Complex Orchestrations

Transformative Solutions

With “point & click” simplicity, PacketViper solutions transform your cybersecurity tools, bring efficiency to your team to showcase real results. That’s how PacketViper has become the cybersecurity solutions providers you can trust.

PacketViper Cyber Deception Technology

Performance. Reliability. Results. 

PacketViper’s solutions amplify prevention, detection, and response both internally and externally. We eliminate the attacker advantage.

PacketViper. Transformative cybersecurity solutions you can trust.

Deception Technologies Continue Along Innovation Trigger Curve of Gartner Hype Cycle for Security Operations
Figure 1 of the 2020 Gartner Hype Cycle for Security Operations

Gartner Report
Hype Cycle for Security Operations, 2020

“Security and risk management leaders are unable to prepare for every eventuality and, therefore, must make intelligent, business-driven decisions about which security operations technologies they choose to manage the risks to their organization.”

Pete Shoard, Sr. Director Analyst
Published 23 June 2020


PacketViper Deception Shield


Deception360 improves security and protects performance. PacketViper combines deception that is both internal and external. Internal decoys are easily deployed and highly believable, amplifying threat detection and response capabilities with no false positives. Externally, a dynamic set of decoys effectively reduce attack vectors, making the network a difficult target for attack.
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PacketViper full circle

Prevention, Detection, and Response.

At PacketViper, we understand how valuable an active solution can be for streamlining workflow, enhancing security overall and most importantly, demonstrating real results. As soon as decoys get hit, we garner new threat intelligence and apply defense at wire speeds:
– Prevent connections to command and control
– Flag/Stop suspicious behavior
– Interfere with any threats performing reconnaissance


Typical cybersecurity deception solutions cost a lot, involve a complex deployment and most importantly, don’t go to work until the threats are on already the network.

PacketViper’s transformative cybersecurity solutions perform reliably and offer real results. You can trust PacketViper to keep threats off the network. That’s because PacketViper solutions push agentless deception to the earliest stage of the kill chain – reconnaissance. We uniquely detect and automatically respond to threats before they can get in.

Thoughtleaders agree, deception can deliver high-impact results that enhance security. PacketViper’s unique deception technology transforms our customers’ cybersecurity, for less operational burdens that result from unwanted, uninvited logs and alerts.

PacketViper. Transformative cybersecurity solutions you can trust.

PacketViper Deception Solves Critical Problems


PacketViper Dynamic DefenseDynamic Defense. Create the appearance of a moving target to deceive and stop attackers quickly at step one of the Cyber Kill Chain. At both the perimeter and interior, PacketViper automatically reduces noise, logging and alerting. Learn more >


PacketViper Monitors 3rd PartiesVendor Risk Management. Manage third parties on the network in real-time and apply new threat intelligence with ‘point & click’ simplicity. Decoys ensure vendors comply with risk policies while on your network. Learn more >


PacketViper Reduces CostsReduced Operating Costs. Reduce logs and alerts up to 70%.  Enhance the performance of other essential tools such as firewalls, IDS/IPS and SIEM and check more security alerts with existing network security team resources. Learn more >


Outstanding and reliable!

We’ve been extremely happy with the product and even more importantly, the support from the Packet Viper team! We know first hand how the product has helped to drastically reduce our risk and is key to our multi-layered security strategy.

— Manager of IT

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