• Network Traffic Control

    Network Traffic Control

    Reduce Traffic Volume up to 70%

  • Advanced Perimeter Defense

    Advanced Perimeter Defense

    Stop Unwanted, Illegitimate Traffic Before It Hits Your Network

  • Protect the Network

    Perimeter Network Security Controls

    Reducing Traffic Increases Visibility & Augments the Firewall, IDS/IPS & SIEM

  • The Adventures of Packet Viper

Network Traffic Control

With 100% of its computing and processing power dedicated to reducing traffic, PacketViper is the industry's only answer to the most pressing root cause problem of network security: traffic volume.  

PacketViper's Advanced Perimeter DefenseTM  software operates in-line, reducing traffic volume in ways that Firewalls, IDS & IPS are not designed to address while at the same time making them all work better.

PacketViper reduces network traffic volumes unlike anything else by combining our leading IP database and triggers with the easiest logging and filtering tools available.   

Benefits of PacketViper

  • Reduce up to 70% of illegitimate, unwanted and malicious traffic
  • Improved overall security performance & reduced security costs
  • Optimize SIEM & improve firewall performance
  • Identify, filter & alert unknown threat sources
  • Real-time threat intelligence based on your network activity
  • Protection from flooding and DDoS
  • Trap malicious sources with Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ) TM
  • Troubleshooting with web and mail analyzers
  • Custom reporting, analytics & forensics tools
  • Control traffic rates based on country, company and/or network space
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Comparison of Traffic Reducing Capabilities

  PacketViper Firewalls & NGFWs IPS & NGIPS
Traffic Reduction Focus
Integrated IP-DB
Company, Country, & Network Level Filtering
Triggers and Sensors


Why it's Different

PacketViper sits in-line at the edge of the network with the primary purpose of reducing traffic. Engineered with capabilities that firewalls and IPS are not designed for, PacketViper is uniquely able to significantly drop unwanted traffic.

Augment Existing Security 

PacketViper augments security solutions such as the firewall, SIEM, IDS & IPS.   Dropping illegitimate traffic brings out the best in these solutions while at the same time reducing management time, maintenance and consumption/volume based fees.

Reduce Usage Costs

Many popular network security solutions have fee structures based on usage/consumption.  This drives up costs without necessarily increasing value at the same rate.  PacketViper saves time and money by reducing admin time, management and usage costs.  

Active Edge Intelligence

Identify undiscovered threat sources by deploying PacketViper's Virtual Minefield Zone™ (VMZ) to snare,  deceive, and filter attacks. Impose harsh punishments far beyond firewall capabilities on trapped sources.  Gain  and act on new edge intelligence in real-time.

The Silent Killer of Network Security

The unprecedented volume of traffic hitting networks today frequently leaves organizations vulnerable, unaware and unable to rapidly respond to the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Traditional layered security approaches stack solutions from multiple vendors, yet still fail to address the root cause issue of network traffic volume. The failure to address traffic volume before it enters the network results in an approach to security that struggles to scale and suffers from excessive costs.

Customer Challenges

Reducing Traffic Makes Everything Better

With illegitimate traffic reduced right at the network edge, other essential layered security solutions like firewalls, IDS/IPS and SIEMS all work better. Teams dedicated to log and alert review are more proactive, resulting in reduced risk and the ability to respond more effectively to  known and unknown threats. Reducing traffic volume with PacketViper brings the following benefits to firewalls, IDS/IPS & SIEM:

  • Reduced processing and use of resources
  • Reduced logging and alerting
  • Reduced maintenance & management time
  • Reduced consumption related fees

Stop the Traffic. Stop the Madness.

Stop unwanted, illegitimate and distracting traffic from entering your network environment.  Do not simply accept this onslaught of traffic volume as a reality of doing business today.  PacketViper’s traffic-centric approach leverages best-in-class perimeter defense technology so you can stop more threats and have clearer transparency and insight into your environment.  PacketViper’s Advanced Perimeter Defense software blends increased transparency, superior threat intelligence, automated analytics and industry-leading perimeter threat defense.

PacketViper: Defender of Networks


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