Cybersecurity Threat Defense Solution

The cost-saving solution for network security managers seeking proactive cybersecurity, PacketViper software features integrated deception, defense and intelligence. It provides layered cybersecurity and supports network modernization without a costly rip and replace.

The PacketViper Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ) reduces cybersecurity complexity and strengthens overall security. Clients reduce alert fatigue by achieving up to 70% less logs and alerts through simplified deception and easily applied threat intelligence. Threats are repeatedly drawn to believable deception and new intelligence is applied to geo-targeted cyber defense.

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PacketViper continuously deceives attackers during recon, before they hit your network. This strengthens defense in a consistent and automated fashion while saving costly firewall and log monitoring resources.

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Why use PacketViper?

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Automatic Deception. Deceive and stop attackers quickly at step one of the Cyber Kill Chain, at both the perimeter and interior, to automatically reduce noise, logging and alerting.

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Dynamic Defense. Establish dynamic defense that can adjust and present itself differently, deceiving threats at the reconnaissance stage during NMAP scans while harvesting valuable new threat intelligence. Reduce up to 70% of unwanted and malicious traffic.

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Applied Intelligence. Manage IP traffic and apply new threat intelligence with ‘point & click’ simplicity.  Continuously harvest and apply new threat intelligence from known and unknown sources based on real-time network activity that isn’t available on 3rd party lists.

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Improved Operations. Enhance the performance of other essential tools such as firewalls, IDS/IPS and SIEM and check more security alerts with existing network security team resources.
Outstanding and reliable!

We’ve been extremely happy with the product and even more importantly, the support from the Packet Viper team! We know first hand how the product has helped to drastically reduce our risk and is key to our multi-layered security strategy.

— Manager of IT



Introduce deception at the recon stage of the kill chain both internally and at the perimeter. Easily blend in fake ports and services with real ones to make a highly believable, target-rich environment for attackers that draws out elusive network resources and new threat intelligence.



PacketViper continually harvests threat intelligence when attackers are at their most vulnerable, during the recon or discovery phase of an attack. This intelligence is specific to the network and easily applied to geo-targeted cyber defense in an automated manner.

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The PacketViper Virtual Minefield Zone™ (VMZ) establishes a dynamic perimeter defense that can adjust and present itself differently. Geo-targeting strengthens IP filtering inbound and outbound, at the port, network, country and company level with point & click simplicity.

Stop the Traffic. Use Proactive Cybersecurity.

Stop unwanted, illegitimate and distracting traffic from entering your network environment. Do not simply accept this onslaught of traffic volume as a reality of doing business today. The PacketViper traffic-centric approach leverages best-in-class geo-target based defense technology so you can stop more threats and have clearer transparency and insight into your environment.  PacketViper’s threat defense platform blends deception, increased transparency, superior threat intelligence, automated analytics and industry-leading perimeter threat defense.

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