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  • Advanced Perimeter Defense

    Advanced Perimeter Defense

    Proactive perimeter defense with point & click control of network traffic

  • Edge Intelligence

    Active Edge Intelligence

    Discover unknown threat sources & create custom threat intelligence

  • Advanced IP Filtering

    Advanced IP Filtering

    Increase visibility & augment the firewall, IDS/IPS & SIEM

  • The Adventures of Packet Viper

What is PacketViper?

PacketViper is  the only Advanced Perimeter DefenseTM  software that sits in front of the firewall and lets you point & click on all key components of the IP including company, country, network space & port.  This allows you to create filtering logic and traffic rules that closely aligns network traffic with the needs of your business.  All of this can be done in both directions.

Whether on premise or in the cloud, PacketViper software provides an essential layer of network security complementary to, but unlike firewalls, SIEMS or other existing solutions.  PacketViper makes other popular and essential network security solutions perform better.

Benefits of PacketViper

  • Improved overall security performance & reduced security costs
  • Optimize SIEM & improve firewall performance
  • Identify, filter & alert unknown threat sources
  • Up to 70% reduction in network traffic
  • Real-time threat intelligence based on your network activity
  • Protection from flooding and DDoS
  • Trap malicious sources with Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ) TM
  • Troubleshooting with web and mail analyzers
  • Custom reporting, analytics & forensics tools
  • Control traffic rates based on country, company and/or network space
Discover PacketViper

How it Works

PacketViper is an undetectable inline bridge that sits at the perimeter of your network in front of your firewall.    PacketViper's patented,  point & click IP management and NetCheck feature combines the IP data with the reporting and logging system.  This results in the ability to gain better edge intelligence and easily configure filtering rules, identify threats faster and make impactful security decisions.  


Augment Existing Security 

PacketViper augments security solutions such as the firewall, SIEM, IDS & IPS.   These existing security solutions benefit from PacketViper reducing  as much as 70% of the illegitimate network traffic. PacketViper improves visibility at the perimeter both inbound and outbound.


Reduce Usage Costs

Many popular network security solutions have fee structures based on usage/consumption.  This drives up costs without necessarilly increasing value at the same rate.  PacketViper saves time and money by reducing admin time, management and usage costs.  


Virtual MinefieldTM Zone  

Identify undiscovered threat sources by deploying PacketViper's Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ) to snare,  deceive, and filter attacks. Impose harsh punishments far beyond firewall capabilities on trapped sources.  Gain new edge intelligence from unknown threat sources every second of the day.

Customer Challenges

Network threats today are changing faster than they can be identified.  Compounding the problem is the volume, velocity and variety of traffic that creates a blinding effect at the security perimeter.  Identifying these new attack vectors today is vital for proactive defense and staying in front of unknown new security threats. Threat intelligence is only part of the solution and each provider has a unique but narrow perspective.   With today's evolving threat landscape, limited human resources, rising usage costs and traffic volume, the challenge to protect network environments becomes more daunting each day.  While there is a proliferation of tools available today, most increase management time and cost without sufficiently dealing with the root cause problems we are facing. - traffic volume, threat variety and limited view of intelligence.

Customer Challenges

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