Maintain safe vendor behavior in your network.

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Continuous Vendor Risk Monitoring

Vendor ecosystems are evolving at a dynamic rate making it difficult to maintain continuous digital trust on your network. Each supplier granted network access is, in effect, a trusted partner; one that your business will rely on to strengthen your cyber defense posture

Point-In-Time Assessments and Vendor Risk Scores are Not Enough

The value of point-in-time data diminishes quickly and negates your ability to act in the most responsive manner.  Vendor Risk Scoring mechanisms are also necessary, but insufficient. These scores only estimate the relative and comparative external security posture of your vendor, not how your vendors are continuously behaving on your network.

Continuous Monitoring with Automated Policy Enforcement

PacketViper uses lightweight deception and patented features to continuously analyze vendor traffic as it interacts with your network in real time. Recon scans and IP traffic activity occurring outside of normal, pre-approved operating ranges hit decoys and can be easily identified, acted upon and reported.

Regulatory guidance monitoring

PacketViper is a practical and cost-effective means to meet government and industry regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOX which require third-party risk management (TPRM). Continuously diagnose and monitor interactions between your company and third-party networks in real-time.

Automate against anomalies

Develop rules for each vendor individually through custom outcomes designed to address assigned or perceived vendor risk. IP traffic activity occurring outside of normal, pre-approved operating ranges represent anomalies that can be automatically reported on and acted upon.

Integrate with business continuity

Create continuous, efficient and effective Vendor Risk Management (VRM) compliance management. Establish reliable digital trust policy to be included in your Business Continuity plan. Depending on the severity of the violation recorded, and the priority of the vendor, more assertive responses can be developed and could be added to your plan.