Centrally Manage Deception, Intelligence Gathering and Defense Updates

PacketViper Enterprise Manager (PEM) Add-on is supported on PacketViper Standard Edition software. The software’s intuitive, web-based interface delivers superior ease-of-use, enabling you to be more efficient in performing everyday management tasks across the PacketViper enterprise and minimizing management time.

Enterprise Management can be deployed across an enterprise to enhance threat intelligence harvesting and create a dynamic, self-mitigating perimeter across an organization with multiple gateway connections.  In this environment, all PacketViper units can work as one so that when one PacketViper is attacked the enterprise automatically self-protects all systems to defend against the source of the original threat.  With this model, attacks and threats are remediated in real-time while threat intelligence is gathered and stored.

Benefits of Using Enterprise Manager

PEM provides enterprises management and confidence to efficiently manage a large estate from the convenience of a single PacketViper:

  • Stronger Enterprise Security
  • Automated Rapid Protection
  • Mitigate Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks
  • Provides High Availability

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