What is PacketViper Deception?

PacketViper advanced dynamic defense and deception technology is a unique approach to cyber security that has changed the security paradigm towards more proactive cyber-defense.  PacketViper can easily deploy target rich deception layers at the perimeter and the interior for attackers to be lured, detected, tripped up, and blocked.  Our decoys and sensors are not exploitable services with weak security- rather – perform a brief interaction, with immediate action.

PacketViper Deception360º

Unique Features

  • Agent-less, lightweight blend of perimeter and interior deception
  • Detection, alert, containment and mitigation
  • Rapid deployment & no added complexity
  • Maintained perimeter presence
  • Reduction of perimeter noise, logging and alerting
  • Reduction of security burdens on firewalls and spam filters
  • Ability to gain and APPLY new threat intelligence at both the perimeter and interior
  • Forensic, Analytics, and Analysers

What it Does

PacketViper offers a simpler and more reliable way of rapidly deploying deception to all corners of the network that do not require in-depth knowledge of attacker behavior methodologies.


Deception in All Directions
(North-South & East-West)

PacketViper Deception360 offers the best level of deception saturation to provide a 360-degree view of interior and exterior threats. PacketViper Deception360 cleverly eliminates the need to deploy complex and impractical phony environments. PacketViper’s deception technology works 360 degrees in all directions (North-South & East-West) and is enacted by creating a Virtual Minefield ZoneTM (VMZ) at any network perimeter.

Our Deception Difference

Deception efforts are only as effective as the scope of the deception deployment. The less deception deployed, the less likely it will be effective.  More deception is better, but using legacy methods can lead to excessive costs, complexity, maintenance, and support.

  • Perimeter and Interior Deception
  • Lightweight, easily deployed, agentless & no workstations
  • Easily scaled across an enterprise
  • Harvest new intelligence at perimeters and interiors
  • No risk of exploitation

Rapid 360º Deployment

The challenge before PacketViper Deception was costly, required intimate knowledge, and complexity. This is now a thing of the past. PacketViper makes deception available for everyone by leveraging its perimeter presence by extending a simple cable.

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Enterprise Deception

PacketViper Deception360º allows organizations of all sizes to easily deploy deception anywhere in their environments, improving visibility and control.  PacketViper provides enhanced defense and deception for internal and perimeter environments needed to protect your data. PacketViper can be placed on both sides of your perimeter, as well as interior protected remote site with your enterprise.

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