Practical Cybersecurity Solutions for Managed Security Service Providers

Complexity is the enemy of effective cybersecurity.  Every day we see attackers leveraging complexity to their advantage.  On the other side of things, complexity in business settings slows down decision making and delays desired results.  In response to the increasingly complex cyber threat landscape we are seeing an increasing demand for outsourced managed security services in both the public and private sectors.

Successful MSSPs seek to combat today’s increasingly complex threat landscape with practical, easily implemented, high-value cybersecurity solutions that demonstrate immediate, measurable results and value to their clients. Doing so strengthens the overall cybersecurity posture of clients and solidifies the MSSP positioning as the trusted partner of choice.  PacketViper’s practical solutions enable operational scalability while enhancing cybersecurity, and are essential to profitably servicing clients.

Addressing MSSP Critical Success Factors

PacketViper is a leading provider to the MSSP market of practical and affordable cybersecurity solutions. PacketViper allows MSSPs to address the complexity of cybersecurity with practical, affordable solutions that quickly demonstrate measurable value. PacketViper helps MSSPs demonstrate success with respect to the following cybersecurity critical success factors:

  • Delivering differentiated cybersecurity services
  • Deceiving and defending against new threats
  • Reducing IP traffic, logs, alerts and costs per account
  • More easily applying new threat intelligence
  • Offering competitive pricing and superior services
  • Reducing security complexity for client accounts

Unique capabilities that demonstrate immediate, measurable value to MSSP clients include but are not limited to:

  • Dynamic Defense. Establish dynamic defense that can adjust and present itself differently, deceiving threats at the reconnaissance stage during NMAP scans while harvesting valuable new threat intelligence.
  • Applied Intelligence. Manage IP traffic and apply new threat intelligence with ‘point & click’ simplicity.
  • Believable Deception. Introduce ‘Deception As A Service’ easily blending in fake ports with real ones to make a target rich environment for attackers that draws out elusive network resources and new threat intelligence.
  • Improved Operations. Do more with existing human and financial resources and enhance the performance of other essential tools such as firewalls, IDS/IPS & SIEM.


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