Perimeter Security Myths Busted: Infographic

Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: July 29th, 2016

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Francesco Trama
As Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Francesco is responsible for the overall operating performance, leading the strategic direction of the company’s products and solutions internally while building technical and business credibility externally as a market-facing thought leader.

DDoS attacks are becoming more prevalent and attackers are getting better at bombarding you with traffic that appears legitimate.  Low and slow attacks harass your network and set the stage for exfiltration.  Sound defense depends on rapid response and a strong perimeter.  A better way of defending yourself begins by rethinking the perimeter.  Check out our infographic to better understand how today’s perimeter security myths can be busted, and your network can be more secure, with PacketViper Advanced IP Filtering:

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