Most Dangerous Malware Threats

Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: February 1st, 2017

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If you’re connected to the Internet all day. This is why it’s crucial to protect and secure your devices and data from malicious software. Malware is a wide range of software applications created with a malicious intent. Unlike legitimate software, malware is installed on your computer without your consent. Malware can be introduced to your computer in a variety of ways such as a virus, worm, Trojan horse, logic bomb, or spyware. Here are the latest malware threats you should be aware


  1. Tinba- Also known as Tiny Banker or Zusy, is one of the world’s smallest banking trojans.The trojan uses Web injects to exploit browsers and show fake Web pages on top of authentic banking portals. In its “HayDay” Tinba Infected Banks and Customers that resided in Asian Countries.
  2. Conficker- The Worm known as ConFicker became known throughout the cyber community in fall of 2008. The Malware originally targeted computers that operated on Windows XP but quickly evolved to infect most computers operating under any version of Windows. Current versions of The Worm are specialized in spreading from system to system, downloading other malware when instructed by their C&C server, steal credentials, and disable security software.
  3. Sality- An Ever Evolving Polymorphic piece of Malware. Originating in Russia Sality appeared in 2003 with the ability to remain undetected while it infects executable files.
  4. Hummingbad- Hummingbad is a new malware variant targeting Android devices that appeared this past February.The malware is one of the most annoying and harder to remove threats in the Android ecosystem, and crooks use it to push ads or install unwanted apps on infected devices.
  5. Zeus- No its not the greek mythological god of gods. Zeus is a Famous banking trojan that had its source code leaked a few years back. It is also the base for most of today’s banking trojans that target desktop users.{{cta(‘97350a3c-dbe8-4912-9d67-85fe7aa50002′,’justifyright’)}}

Understanding the major types of malware can help you make informed decisions about acquiring tools to protect your computer. To prevent infection from any of these threats, be sure to use up-to-date antivirus software and ensure your firewall is enabled on your computer.