“Google Malware” is putting Millions at Risk

Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: January 30th, 2017

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A new type Malware is putting Google Chrome users at risk . The Virus coaxes users into downloading malware camouflaged as a fix for corrupted fonts, according to a recent report.

Hackers are breaking into poorly-protected websites, and embedding JavaScript that waits for Chrome browsers to be referred to the sites via search engines. The script then enters unrecognized characters that break the font rendering on the webpage, making all text unreadable.

From there on a faux Chrome dialogue box pops up, informing users that they need to download a file that looks like a font installer package.

But the “font” in this case is really click-fraud adware, which loads hidden ads and clicks on them automatically, putting money in the pockets of those responsible for that malware.

Luckily for Mac Users , only users of the Chrome browser on Windows in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States currently are being targeted, according to Proofpoint. “But it wouldn’t take much adjustment to retool this campaign to fit other platforms and other countries.”{{cta(‘97350a3c-dbe8-4912-9d67-85fe7aa50002′,’justifyright’)}}

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