Clusters of C&Cs in the Caribbean basin, as well as Central America

Since the UN Identified this back in February 2013, do you think the infections have spread, or have been curtailed? I would say with near certainty they have grown exponentially like a plague in every direction uncontrollably. Here in the US we are finding it difficult to manage our own break outs, even though at times we can slow the growth. Now imagine the “up and coming” tech areas to our south, still getting their “%^&*” together.

By no means am I saying “we” (US) has theirs together, I just consider us further along is all.

Given they are still in their “tech growing phase” these or any under developed tech areas should be considered high risk, and treated with higher scrutiny and limited how your networks are exposed to these areas.

While there is no technology to date that can detect a proxy connection, PacketViper with its granular filtering,is capable of restricting the attackers movements around the world by limiting how countries are entering the security environment. This improves the Defense in Depth posture of your organization.