Modernize OT/IT Cybersecurity and Defend Distributed OT Assets

Automated Attack Prevention

Critical, remote OT network assets that require connectivity to operate effectively are almost impossible to discern during reconnaissance. And in the event threats get onto the network, it can detect them earlier, reducing dwell time while actively preventing command and control communications from being established and stopping exfiltration.

PacketViper Cyber Deception Technology

No Unplanned Downtime

Properly functioning OT networks frequently push the limits of legacy devices as manufacturers announce impending end of support timelines, and as technologies approach their end of useful life. The solution allows operators and security teams to secure aging assets and protect operations without a costly ‘rip and replace’.

A Big Problem: Increasing Attacks Through Connected OT Assets

Operational technology (OT) networks power essential physical processes in our physical world requiring high rates of reliability and uptime.

The cybersecurity of physically distributed OT assets like pumps, wellheads, and their control infrastructure, is essential for continuous operations.

Each distributed OT asset that is connected to a corporate network or the internet can lead to greater exposure to cyber threats.

Insufficient cyber defense of distributed OT endpoints can result in successful attacks on OT networks which can have catastrophic results.

Transformational IT/OT Use Cases


PacketViper Dynamic DefenseInternal Threat Detection. High fidelity threat detection with no false positives. Equally effective against known and unknown threats. Reduces dwell-time of threats on the network while providing a valuable compensating control for IT/OT networks.


PacketViper Monitors 3rd PartiesBoundary Defense and Threat Prevention. Equally effective at external gateways and IT/OT boundaries. 70% less boundary traffic. Actively stop threats from establishing C&C communications and exfiltrating valuable data. Improve SOC, firewall and SIEM efficiencies.


PacketViper Reduces CostsAutomated Threat Response. Automate attack prevention and enable faster incident investigations. Deception360 can evolve from mirror-mode to in-line security. Responses include alerting, blocking, continuing to deceive and tarpitting.


Outstanding and reliable!

“We’ve been extremely happy with the product and even more importantly, the support from the Packet Viper team! We know firsthand how the product has helped to drastically reduce our risk and is key to our multi-layered security strategy.”

— Manager of IT/OT Cybersecurity

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