Ransomware Use Case for OT and IT

Download PacketViper's Ransomware Use Case for OT and IT

Ransomware is on the rise and the increasing convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) networks creates new pathways for attackers into coveted OT environments. As connected OT networks become more accessible to threat actors of all motivations, security teams need to look at more pragmatic ways to harden OT security without the risk of downtime.

Download PacketViper’s new use-case to learn how a deception-based approach can help automate the prevention, detection, and response to ransomware earlier in the cyber kill chain. PacketViper’s OT360 provides meaningful benefits when incorporated into your layered, defense-in-depth approach to ransomware:
  • Automated prevention of command-and-control communications
  • Automated prevention of host-related data exfiltration or leakage of proprietary information
  • Earlier detection of threats moving laterally on the network
  • Reduction of threat dwell-time on the network
  • Respond to attacks at wire-speed without complex orchestrations