How to arrange your demonstration:

  1. Complete the demo request information on this page
  2. You will then receive an email with the online meeting instructions and a toll free conference number to use for the call.
  3. Log in as scheduled

If you would prefer an in-person meeting demonstration, please let us know.

About the Demo:

Your web demonstration will show the unique features of PacketViper and how to use the Threat Defense Platform and Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ) features to deceive attackers, harvest intelligence on threats and apply that intelligence to greatly enhance network defense.

This brief demo will show you how PacketViper will:

  • Incorporate lightweight deception at the perimeter and interior
  • Reduce traffic, threats, logging and alerts by up to 70%
  • Generate custom Edge Intelligence
  • More easily apply threat intelligence to enhance cyber defense
  • Protect against known and unknown threats
  • Prevent DDoS & flooding attacks
  • Improve your firewall, IDS/IPS & SIEM performance
  • Reduce logging and alert fatigue