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Optimizing SIEM & SOC with Deception360™

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Reduce Unwanted Noise and False Positives

The Challenges to SIEM Success:

Noise and Complexity Successfully deploying a SIEM is a complex task. That complexity is amplified by unmanageable noise from within the network and from skyrocketing volumes of global IP traffic. For SIEM vendors who use volumetric pricing models this can drastically increase subscription/license related costs. This struggle plagues security operations in organizations of all sizes and is a root cause problem.


Deception360: Removing the noise

As firewalls have evolved in their processing of application layer inspections, the epidemic of rising global IP traffic volume has made it less practical and secure to perform these deep packet inspections as a first line of defense. The deep packet inspection process within the firewall cannot afford to be cluttered with illegitimate traffic that a business has no use for. Deception360 intercepts threats, deceives them to gain new intelligence, which is then immediately applied at wire-speed. The solution solves the challenges of static perimeters ruleset in firewalls and creates a dynamic perimeter that can automatically change the access rules around any port or service and rotate them. This improves the threat identification process, eliminates false positive events, and reduces alerting to security teams. And the solution breathes new life and added headroom into firewalls that are utilizing capacity to address unwanted and unneeded boundary traffic.

How it works
The Deception360 approach continually deceives attackers, gathers intelligence on threats and applies that intelligence to strengthen defense in a consistent and automated fashion. This greatly improves the performance of firewalls, IDS/IPS and SIEM solutions. Deploying Deception360 into a layered security approach provides a practical and cost-effective means to proactively strengthen cybersecurity.

With ‘point & click’ simplicity, Deception360 on a network boundary enables network obfuscation, Moving Target Defense, and very precisely reduces IP traffic volumes. This is done through a combination of deception and a layered multi-context filtering approach that includes the ability to granularly geo-target and perform precise filtering based on business intelligence, threat intelligence and customer rules, both inbound and outbound, at the IP port level. Deployment options include on-premise or in the cloud. Deception360 deploys inline as an undetectable bridge at the perimeter of the network, as well as within segments and at other key network transition points throughout the network.

Once illegitimate IP traffic volumes are reduced, network transparency is greatly improved and logs, alerts are streamlined across the network. Data quality is improved within the SIEM and SOC teams can check and remediate a much higher percentage of alerts. Measurable security outcomes Removing illegitimate IP traffic from the network without taxing the resources of the firewall, NGFW, IDS/IPS is one of the most proactive, cost-effective, and impactful network security moves that one can make today. Measurable benefits include:


  • Reduction in IP traffic
  • Reduction in logs and alerts
  • Reduced SIEM licensing costs
  • Reduction in False Positive alerts
  • Increased Threat Visibility
  • Reduction in SPAM messaging
  • Savings from deferred tool upgrades
  • Bandwidth savings
  • Better, faster security
  • Dynamic Moving Target Defense