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PacketViper Protects Organizations from High-Risk Social Media Sites with Innovative IT & OT/ICS Cybersecurity Technology

Pittsburgh, PA, April 12, 2023 - PacketViper, a leading IT & OT/ICS cybersecurity provider, has announced the launch of its highly differentiated technology capable of blocking high-risk social applications such as TikTok, WeChat, and QQ. This advanced solution goes well beyond the limitations of existing domain name filters and application-identifying solutions, offering a more secure and reliable defense against cyber threats.

Unlike traditional cybersecurity methods that rely on unpredictable domain name filtering, PacketViper's technology provides a comprehensive solution for safeguarding sensitive information. This unique approach to cybersecurity combines unmatched Contextual Visualization, Threat Containment, Deceptive Responders, and Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) in one platform to create a robust and adaptable security system.

PacketViper's patented Contextual Visualization tools allow users to gain real-time insight into potential network threats and vulnerabilities. This valuable information enables organizations to proactively identify and address any weaknesses in their infrastructure before cybercriminals can exploit them.

The company's Threat Containment capability effectively neutralizes the impact of cyber threats by isolating and containing them before they can cause any external or internal damage to networks. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of a successful cyber-attack and significantly reduces the potential impact on an organization's operations.

PacketViper's patented Deceptive Responders further enhance network security by creating realistic yet false targets for cybercriminals. This innovative technique diverts hackers from an organization's assets, wasting their time and resources while allowing security teams to gather valuable intelligence on their tactics and strategies.

Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) is another capability of PacketViper’s proprietary technology. This state-of-the-art technology constantly shifts the attack surface, making it difficult for cybercriminals to locate and target an organization's valuable assets. By keeping potential threats guessing, PacketViper's AMTD provides an additional layer of security that is vital in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

According to Francesco Trama, PacketViper CEO “As organizations of all sizes in every segment of the market face increasing risk from threats related to sprawling social media applications, single-threaded approaches to cybersecurity are no longer sufficient.  Practitioners need easy to use real-time context, behavioral data, and wire-speed countermeasures to defend the enterprise.  As technology and risks continue to evolve, so does the need for increased security measures to protect our critical infrastructure.”

PacketViper's user-friendly cybersecurity platform offers organizations a more reliable and effective way to protect their networks from high-risk social applications and other potential threats. By combining advanced technology with innovative and practical cybersecurity techniques, PacketViper is setting a new standard for cybersecurity solutions in the industry.

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About PacketViper 

PacketViper delivers transformative cybersecurity solutions for OT/ICS and IT practitioners in critical infrastructure industries seeking real-time visibility into their environment’s expanding attack surface.  Our patented technology allows users to proactively defend OT/ICS assets, remote OT endpoints, and IT infrastructures.  PacketViper’s agentless detection, prevention, containment, and response technology automates attack detection and prevention from both external and internal threats.  Our solutions provide operators with the contextual security data required to act while potential threats are still in motion, and before critical OT/ICS and IT assets are compromised.

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