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At PacketViper, we understand that every business and industry faces its own unique set of challenges. This rings true for cybersecurity as well. Our vast experience allows us to implement tried and true solutions that will meet your specific needs, with an eye on the horizon for new threats and challenges. By partnering with PacketViper, you can rest assured that your business and customer data is safe and secure.
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Advanced IP Filtering Finance

Financial Services

Cyber risks cannot only impact a financial institution’s bottom line but cyber-crime in financial services can have broad reaching impact ranging from individuals to global financial markets

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Schools ranging from K-12 through the college/university level are increasingly becoming bigger targets for hackers. There’s an abundance of data routinely collected on students and stored on their servers, from attendance records to medical and financial records.

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Cybersecurity attacks present great risk for hospitals, physician practices and healthcare providers in general.  Internet connected medical devices and electronic databases of sensitive patient information are prime targets for attackers.

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Hotels, Casinos, and Resorts

Hotels, casinos and resorts are increasingly popular targets for cyber criminals using a variety of tactics to access private data. The cost of a potential breach in this arena is steadily increasing.

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Small Business


Manufacturing data that is most interesting to cyber criminals includes information pertaining to patents, designs, plans, formulas and intellectual property.

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Data breaches in retail significantly impact consumer confidence. Stolen credit card data is a valuable commodity and breaches that keep people out of stores can negatively impact a retailer’s bottom line.

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