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    Advanced IP Filtering at the Perimeter

    PacketViper provides an essential layer of network security

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    Enhanced Bot & Proxy Protection

    Mitigate risk from DDoS attacks, flooding and probing

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    Reduced Alerts & Logging

    Reduce overall traffic, volume and load

What is PacketViper?

PacketViper is an advanced IP filtering software that can easily filter both inbound and outbound traffic by port, bi-directionally, by country and company. Whether on premise or in the cloud, PacketViper software provides an essential layer of network security complementary to, but unlike firewalls, SIEMS or other existing solutions.  PacketViper reduces traffic, threats and overall security costs while increasing transparency.

Benefits of PacketViper

  • Up to 70% reduction in network traffic
  • Reduced logging and alerting
  • Mitigate risks from bots and proxies
  • Protection from flooding and DDoS
  • Improved security performance
  • Faster threat detection & improved threat intelligence
Discover PacketViper
Advanced IP Filtering

How it Works

PacketViper sits at the perimeter, in front of the firewall, and combines the IP data with the logging/alerts and reporting/rules engine.  This results in the ability to easily configure filtering rules, identify threats faster and make impactful security decisions.


Reduce Network Traffic

PacketViper reduces overall network traffic up to 70% while at the same time increasing the percentage of legitimate traffic that hits your firewall and multi layer network infrastructure.


Reduce Costs

PacketViper saves time and money associated with logging, alerting and dealing with illegitimate traffic  and saves costs associated with breaches of data.


Reduce Threats

Threats are reduced and security is increased with actionable insight into the origins and destinations of all network activity. Easily manage company and country level filtering by port at the packet level.

Customer Challenges

Costly firewall and network security solutions should only be dealing with legitimate traffic coming from known sources, companies and countries that present minimal risk.  However, today network security managers today are dealing with unprecedented traffic volume, a huge % of which is not legitimate and should not even be making it to the inspection process.  Illegitimate traffic places extreme loads on their systems, and exposes ever‐evolving threats. While there is a proliferation of tools available today, most increase management time without sufficiently dealing with the root cause issue – the volume of illegitimate traffic.

Customer Challenges

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