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Global Network Lists (GNLs)

At PacketViper, we take Advanced IP network filtering to a new level by providing you with Global Network Lists. Our comprehensive and proprietary Business and Threat Intelligence lists contain network addresses of popular Internet based businesses and undiscovered threats from malicious IP networks. They are built from an extensive global sensor array of placed discretely through-out the world.

Our GNL's are designed to give network administrators the ability to quickly filter networks which have been known to send spam, harbor hackers, host malware and CnC, and also those of good intent.  Our lists will enable you to allow the good and necessary traffic while blocking all other traffic from a potentially threatening country.

Global Network Lists are constantly updated by our crack network security teams and automatically published to your PacketVipers so that you always have the latest information.

GNL Categories

Well Known 

wellKnown.pngThese include Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, VMWare, PayPal, Ebay, Amazon and more.  These are businesses whose traffic is necessary for operational continuity and the lists are designed for customers who want to ensure clean flow of communications.  We found that large organizations make use of many different networks, not necessarily registered to their business.  So we did the leg work and grouped them together for you.


vulnerable.pngNot all businesses have malicious intent but many have security holes on their public internet services. When these are exploited and used to spam, proxy, and scan our PacketVipers they are classified as vulnerable.  For instance a virus-infected end user behind a cable provider DHCP range or a vulnerable port which spammed or attempted to access something behind a PacketViper.


bombIcon.pngThese lists include networks which participated in various attacks pointed at our PacketViper's (DDOS, port scans, password scans, and web or mail exploits to name a few). Although most attacks come from vulnerable networks, some are habitual and have been graduated to threatening.


spam2.pngSpam GNL's contain networks and business known for spamming on a global scale.  We recommend blocking ports 25 and 465 from these networks.

If there is a business or a threat we should focus on, just let us know and we can look into making a new GNL.