Practical Cyber Defense in the Virtual Minefield Zone

PacketViper customers can build a Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ) to create a nearly impenetrable and deceptive defense perimeter and treacherous path for connections working outside of normal operating ranges. The VMZ leverages our lightweight, agentless decoys and responses.  The VMZ can very easily be configured to dynamically deceive and impose harsh penalties on sources or destinations that stray from allowed network paths.

 Automated, Dynamic Deception

For more information on the PacketViper VMZ, please see the video above.

The PacketViper VMZ allows customers to create decoys and responses designed to use deception to drive practical results and strengthen network defense through deception capabilities:

  • Scan/Probe – Identify, capture and eliminate network scans and service probes.
  • Port Monitoring – Identify, capture, and eliminate illegal port use.
  • Flooding/Rate Management – Monitor, limit, alert on traffic rates while gathering source and destination edge intelligence.
  • Time Based Access – Restrict access to services based on schedules.