Automated and Integrated Intelligence

PacketViper customers easily and consistently harvest, identify and apply new intelligence.  Sources for threat intelligence are everywhere but applying it can be challenging.  Actionable threat intelligence is just not enough.  PacketViper makes threat intelligence easy to operationalize.

  • Automated applied intelligence. New intelligence is easily operationalized and applied in an automated, ongoing manner to consistently keep updating defense in real time.
  • Unique edge intelligence. Harvest new intelligence based on what is actually happening within, and on the perimeter of, the networks while easily integrating it into their perimeter defense strategies.

Addressing the Challenges

Threat intelligence is everywhere but is frequently challenging to apply and not integrated well with defense solutions. Quality concerns also are a problem with many third-party intelligence providers. PacketViper overcomes the common challenges to make intelligence an asset that strengthens the overall cybersecurity defense posture.

  • High quality intelligence from multiple sources
  • Extremely low false positives
  • Unique intelligence based on real-time network activity
  • Integration with perimeter defense.