Integrated and Automated Deception, Intelligence and Defense

Complexity is the enemy of effective cybersecurity and PacketViper solves complex cyber challenges with simple, practical and affordable solutions.  PacketViper solves problems that traditional defense, deception and intelligence solutions consistently fall short on in this era of increasingly complex cyber-threats and skyrocketing volumes of global IP traffic.

PacketViper’s patented cybersecurity platform features integrated deception, defense and intelligence that helps our customers address cybersecurity challenges in a practical, high-impact manner. PacketViper sits inline at key network transition points throughout the network.  Licenses are deployed in one of three models (on-premise, cloud/AWS and bring your own hardware BYOH).

Once installed, PacketViper continually deceives attackers, gathers intelligence on threats and applies that intelligence to strengthen defense in a consistent, automated fashion. PacketViper is an additional layer of cybersecurity that is unlike, but complimentary to traditional firewall and NGFW based strategies and vastly different than current approaches to deception and threat intelligence.

PacketViper improves the overall cybersecurity posture and reduces security related costs by continually deceiving attackers, gathering intelligence on threats and applying that intelligence to strengthen defense in a consistent, automated fashion.

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  • Interior & perimeter focus
  • Lightweight with no agents, workstations or honeypots
  • Especially effective against reconnaissance scans


  • Easily operationalized and applied
  • Integrated with perimeter defense
  • Forensics and reporting


  • 70% less traffic, logs & alerts
  • ‘Point & click’ geo-targeting and country, company and network level filtering
  • Works inbound & outbound

Enterprise Management

  • Enterprise threat sync
  • Single pane management
  • Active Updating

Home Screen

Home Screen

The PacketViper® Home Screen provides administrators an actionable snapshot of your network perimeter.  Displays traffic statistics, blocked countries, system status and a message center that displays network and global alerts.  Click any IP Address, Country, Company, or Analyzer Icons to understand the complete network information using NetCheck. Launch our traffic isolation pop-ups to immediately view, filter, and prevent traffic. Watch Home Dashboard-Brief Moment In Time Video



With our patented IP NetCheck, you can click on any traffic log entry to see the full IP context to better understand global traffic with ‘Point & Click’ simplicity. NetCheck allows for quick decisions for both inbound and outbound connections, based on the company, country, port or network. Watch NetCheck: Unmatched IP Control Video

PacketViper Net Check

Triggers, Sensors and Alerts

Deception Triggers, Decoys & Sensors

Create Triggers and decoys to easily configure deception both internally and at the perimeter.  Quickly get alerted by email, SMS, or log while slowing down, or blocking the offending traffic. Set triggers to alert based on source/destination country, company, time frame, protocol, port, network, and IP. Triggers are an essential tool of PacketViper Virtual Minefield Zone ™

Advanced Analytics

Get a better idea of traffic trends within our traffic reporting area.  View reports such as top countries, top IP addresses, traffic by hour, and traffic by ports. Our reports are designed to help you dial in and customize your PacketViper. Use our filter to search IP histories such as country, protocol, and network. Watch Advanced Analytics Dashboard: Forensic/Analytics Video

PacketViper Advanced Analytics

Advanced IP Filtering

Advanced IP Filtering

Create your IP filtering rules specific to your business needs.  You can specify protocol, ports, countries, companies, and global network lists, networks, IP, including interface, and the connection handshake. Our Country Dashboard allows administrators to click any country or region isolates that countries traffic, and quickly apply any filtering rules. Watch Country Dashboard: Simple Country Filtering Video

Robust Reporting

Create and schedule customized reports for department stakeholders, and provide only the important traffic and security information necessary to their area of responsibility and concern.

Advanced Analytics Graphs

Web Analyzer

Web Analyzer

Quickly discover where web pages are reaching out to. Understand their sources, and destination while PacketViper Web Analyzer performs the necessary research to make better decisions.  Use PacketViper Web Analyzer to discover, troubleshoot, and filter any potential threats.

Mail Analyzer

PacketViper Mail Analyzer can troubleshoot mail flow issues by simply entering a domain name. PacketViper will test any potential problems within its own rule sets and assist resolving mail issues.

Mail Analyzer