Integrate PacketViper as a security tool rationalization solution to maximize the value of your Firewall and SIEM.

Use Deception360 to extend your firewall life

Deception decoys in front of your firewall will deceive attackers and create the appearance of a moving target. This makes the network and available services harder to see while extending the useful life of your firewall. As the compliance tool of record, your firewall has limited capacity. Prevent it from being hit with unmanageable volumes of unwanted traffic.

Reduce up to 20% of your log volume in 30 days*

SIEM solutions are extremely valuable tools that can become unwieldy and costly when cluttered with excessive logs. Use PacketViper Deception360 externally to deceive and block threats before unwanted logs get to your SIEM. This will reduce logging and ensure analysts review the most critical alerts faster. Think, “smaller haystack, shinier needles”!

*Results may vary.