PacketViper OT360™
Operational Technology (OT) security and visibility without unplanned downtime

PacketViper OT360 is an adaptive OT security solution. OT360 passively monitors OT or ICS networks while providing a range of options for response and orchestration. The solution also gathers intelligence on network threats performing reconnaissance and moving laterally.

The solution eliminates false positives and is not solely based on known attack signatures. Operators have the option to respond to attacks at wire speeds, both within a segment or across an enterprise.

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OT360 is designed for up-time and optimal OEE

OT360 sensors and decoys are lightweight and software-based. This allows them to blend into the fabric of the OT network without any destabilizing influence or disruption.

OT networks and information technology (IT) environments converge to impact security

OT360 overcomes traditional challenges that IT systems present within the OT environment. OT systems typically cannot be assessed or scanned like regular IT assets as doing so may generate false-positive results and result in unplanned downtime or threaten OEE. Based on the mission-critical nature of OT systems, taking actions that may be based on false-positive data is not an option.

Visibility, flexibility and options to prevent attacks


The deception-based OT360 approach allows for saturation within segments of segment-specific decoys and sensors.  These elements of the solutions are designed to be attractive to threats.

The solution can be deployed inline or in a mirror mode.

There is no risk of unplanned downtime.

Compromised  overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is not a concern.



OT360 PacketViper Diagram

Unique OT360 features

  • Lightweight, agentless solution allowing for saturation without disruption
  • Passive threat detection and traffic monitoring
  • Option to evolve from mirror mode to in-line mode
  • Supports regulatory compliance (NIST, NERC-CIP) 
  • Enterprise-wide orchestration and emergency response
  • Forensics, analytics, and analyzers

What does OT360 do?

OT360 strengthens and aligns OT and IT security efforts. The solution improves visibility and gathers intelligence on network threats performing reconnaissance and moving laterally.  Operators have the option to respond to attacks at wire speeds.

Once security teams are comfortable with OT360, responses can be configured.  These response capabilities range from alerting, throttling communications speed, and active blocking of threats.  False positives are eliminated.


OT Security with enterprise-wide orchestration and emergency response

With OT360, enterprise-wide emergency responses can be turned on.  In the event of an emergency, a central authority can immediately apply threat prevention rules to be effective at all locations. Once the threat has subsided, each location’s threat prevention rules can revert back to its dormant state.