Challenges to Educational Services

With an abundance of information that is coveted by cyber criminals, school systems and institutions of higher learning are increasingly becoming more popular targets for cybercrime.

One single institution may contain information ranging from Social Security numbers, financial and medical records to intellectual property, depending on the type of work being done there.

PacketViper Benefits

PacketViper sits outside of the firewall as an undetectable in-line bridge performing advanced IP Filtering. PacketViper offers the following benefits to financial services organizations:

• Identify rogue & questionable connections from malware & DDoS attackers

• Reduce network traffic up to 70%

• Reduce the attack surface & minimize the ability to be seen

• Improve performance of firewalls, SIEMS & other essential security components by increasing the % of legitimate traffic

Rethink the Perimeter

At PacketViper we think a sound risk mitigation plan begins by rethinking the perimeter defense plan. PacketViper strengthens security at the perimeter unlike existing solutions.

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