No industry or individual business is immune from the malicious hackers flooding networks with unmanageable volumes of illegitimate traffic. As the threat landscape continuously evolves and it becomes cheaper and easier to launch highly disruptive DDoS, ransomware and brute force attacks, the need to easily harvest and apply new intelligence to strengthen perimeter defense increases across all industries.

At PacketViper, we understand that every business and industry faces its own unique set of challenges and cyber threats. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your business and customer data is safe and secure.


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Financial Services

Cyber risks cannot only impact a financial institution’s bottom line but cyber-crime in financial services can have broad reaching impact ranging from individuals to global financial markets.

Companies in the financial services sector possess highly sensitive data, and therefore cyber attackers typically consider the time, effort and risk of attacking them to be well worth the potential reward.

Cyber attackers are becoming more powerful and abundant, leveraging their ability to stay small and wield the powers of distraction and destruction. Some of the top challenges in financial services are threats that are initiated from other nation states. This along with the ever-increasing cost of failure and tightening regulatory requirements creates quite a security challenge. It is essential that financial services’ network security managers be proactive with respect to their risk mitigation strategies.

Finanacial Institutions


Schools ranging from K-12 through the college level are increasingly becoming targets for hackers. With an abundance of information that is coveted by cyber criminals, school systems and institutions of higher learning are increasingly becoming more popular targets for cybercrime.

Education institutions contain information ranging from personal information (PI) financial and medical records to intellectual property. Schools of higher education are also at risk because networks have traditionally been open, in the spirit of knowledge sharing. The inherent nature of a young, mobile and technology enabled student body compounds those risks.

With higher education increasingly drawing the attention of attackers there is an acute need for better tools, procedures and risk mitigation strategies. That is where PacketViper can help with proactive cybersecurity.



Cybersecurity attacks present great risk for hospitals, physician practices and healthcare providers in general. Internet connected medical devices and electronic databases with sensitive patient information are prime targets for attackers.

The healthcare industry faces inherently unique cyber-security challenges. Protected Health Information (PHI) is widely regarded as a prized asset for cyber-criminals. Challenges are further compounded by the proliferation of mobile devices, understaffed IT teams and the need to be HIPAA compliant.

Furthermore, as the ability to deploy massive DDoS attacks and ransomware becomes easier and cheaper, the currently unmanageable volume of traffic directed at the networks of providers and payers will only continue to rise.

Setting up a dynamic defense may cut up to 70% of unwanted traffic saving on log monitoring services and preventing alert fatigue.




Hotels, casinos and resorts are increasingly popular targets for cyber criminals using a variety of tactics to access private data. The cost of a potential breach in this arena is steadily increasing.



Proprietary manufacturing data is most interesting to cyber criminals including information pertaining to patents, designs, plans, formulas and intellectual property.



Data breaches in retail significantly impact consumer confidence. Stolen credit card data is a valuable commodity and breaches that keep people out of stores can negatively impact a retailer’s bottom line.

Discover how PacketViper can help your business.

Regardless of your industry, PacketViper can implement a custom-built, proactive security solution designed to address the specific threats that your network faces on a daily basis. Prevent alert fatigue and save money on log monitoring. Ask how.

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