Geo-Targeted Deception Prevents Access To and From High-Risk Geographical Areas

In today’s global economy, it is not enough to simply be able to block a country on a firewall.  Organizations we want to work with may have operations in countries we otherwise have no interest in.  When properly deployed, geo-targeted deception is a network security approach that uses decoys and sensors to deny network traffic, at the port level, based on geographical location, combined with a variety of other factors such as company, source or destination network, time and or rate.

This allows businesses to prevent access to and from high-risk geographical areas without excluding potentially valuable customers or business partners.

Using lightweight, agentless decoys, responses and sensors, PacketViper easily creates treacherous paths for connections working outside of normal operating ranges.  Only PacketViper can create and rotate decoys with ‘point & click’ ease based on the following factors:

  • Country
  • Company
  • Network
  • Protocal
  • Rate

Proactive Dynamic Defense

PacketViper creates a dynamic, virtually impenetrable perimeter to obfuscate and defend your network. Administrators can vary the deployment of decoys throughout the network to change themselves based on multiple factors throughout the day. This obscures your network from attackers and overcomes the limitations of the inherently static nature of typical network defense configurations.