The Need for Geo-Target Based Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks are a global phenomenon. It’s now possible for anyone with a computer or a smart phone and an Internet connection to launch an attack on a target victim anywhere in the world. Rented botnets can be used to distribute spam and phishing emails in addition to aiming DDoS attacks at victim organizations. These scenarios bring about the need for geo-targeting cybersecurity.

When properly deployed, Geo-IP filtering is a network security tool that allows or denies network traffic, at the port level, based on geographical location, combined with a variety of other factors such as company, source or destination network, time and or rate.

Sometimes referred to as country filtering or blocking, Geo-IP filtering allows your network to choose places in the world from which it will accept or to which it will send network traffic. More importantly, PacketViper’s innovative designs in Geo-IP filtering enable new and unparalleled levels of precision.

PacketViper easily creates treacherous paths for connections working outside of normal operating ranges. This allows businesses to prevent access to and from high-risk geographical areas without excluding potentially valuable customers or business partners. Only PacketViper filters IP traffic at the port level, both inbound and outbound, with ‘point & click’ ease based on the following factors:

  • Country
  • Company
  • Network
  • Protocal
  • Rate

Proactive Dynamic Defense

PacketViper creates a dynamic, virtually impenetrable perimeter to obfuscate and defend your network. Administrators can vary the deployment of sensors around each port or service to change themselves based on multiple factors throughout the day. This obscures your network from attackers and overcomes the limitations of the inherently static nature of typical network defense configurations. Click below to download our Enhanced Geo-Target Based Network Defense white paper.

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