Deceiving threats at reconnaissance prevents out of control IP traffic volume

Finding the root cause of DDoS and brute-force attacks

Relentless, brute-force attacks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against enterprises continue to be on the rise. The skyrocketing volume of global IP traffic is a root cause problem. Out of control IP traffic volumes also contributes to increased risk and overall cybersecurity costs.

The Answer: Dynamic Perimeter Defense

A  moving target defense (MTD) is potentially game-changing for cybersecurity.  Traditional network defenses put forth a static perimeter that can be understood after repeated recon/NMAP scans.  PacketViper creates the appearance of movement in front of the network through a dynamic set of decoys to effectively reduce attack vectors.

How PacketViper works to protect against DDoS attacks

PacketViper typically acts as an undetectable bridge both in front of the firewall and internally between network segments.  Agentless, software-based decoys and sensors operate within PacketViper and can be varied based on multiple factors.