DDoS Protection

Skyrocketing global IP traffic volumes create an increased risk of a successful DDoS attack. PacketViper decoys can identify anomalies in network traffic and can actively block threats.



Both troublesome content delivery networks and worldwide enterprises are leveraging server infrastructure all around the globe. PacketViper’s geo-targeting can help you stay ahead of attackers and in touch with global companies you want to do business with.


SIEM Optimization

Stripping away IP traffic that an organization has no need for goes a long way toward increasing the efficiency and value of security information and event management (SIEM) applications.

Threat Intelligence

There are unique opportunities to harvest threat intelligence at your network edge based on real-time activity. Use PacketViper to overcome the challenges of easily applying threat intelligence to network defense.

An agentless, active solution to prevent and detect attackers sooner, harvest intelligence, take action and repeat.

PacketViper goes to work early in the Cyber Kill Chain®, at important network boundaries, and at critical OT endpoints.  We solve important cybersecurity problems and produce practical, real-world results, including dynamic network defense and relief of security operational costs and burdens.