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Comprehensive Advanced Perimeter Defense and Edge Intelligence

PacketViper provides an essential layer of network security to filter out illegitimate traffic, unlike firewalls, SIEMS or other existing solutions. Our solutions dramatically reduce network traffic by up to 70%, while both identifying and reducing threats with surgically precise, patented IP Filtering Threat Protection software. PacketViper easily filters both inbound and outbound traffic at the port level, by both country and company. This solution is predominantly a downloadable software solution and the software can function either on premise or in the cloud.

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PacketViper Advanced Perimeter Defense and IP Filtering


PacketViper Actionable Home Screen with Integrated NetCheck

Home Screen

The PacketViperĀ®  home screen gives administrators a quick view of their system.  It displays traffic statistics, top blocked countries, system status and a message center which displays system alerts.  You can click on any log entry and see the network complete information using IP NetCheck to immediately block/allow traffic.


With the patented IP NetCheck you can click on any log entry, see the full IP context and make impactful decisions.  By clicking on a log entry you can then easily block or allow traffic, in either direction, based on company, country, port or network.

PacketViper Patented NetCheck: Displays Actionable Full IP Context
PacketViper Triggers, Sensors, and Flooding Protection

Triggers & Alerts

Create triggers to alert you on any condition. Quickly be alerted by email, SMS, log, while at the same have them slow down, and auto block the offending traffic. You can set triggers to alert based on source/destination country, company, time frame, protocol, port, network, and IP.

Advanced Analytics

Get a better idea of traffic trends within our traffic reporting area.  View reports such as top countries, top IP addresses, traffic by hour, and traffic by ports. Our reports are designed to help you dial in and customize your PacketViper. Use our filter to search IP history such as country, protocol, and network.

PacketViper Advanced Forensics and Analytics Module
PacketViper Actionable Point and Click Country Screen

Advanced IP Filtering

Create your IP filtering rules specific to your business needs.  You can specify protocol, ports, countries, companies, and global network lists, networks, IP, including interface, and handshake. Our clickable world map allows administrators to click any country or region.

Robust Reporting

Create customized reports for department stakeholders, and provide only the important traffic and security information necessary to their area of responsibility. 

PacketViper Ad Hoc Reporting
PacketViper Web Analyzer: Understand What Web Pages Are Requesting

Web Analyzer

Quickly discover what web pages are reaching out into the internet for.  Use PacketViper Web Analyzer to discover, troubleshoot, and filter any potential threats.

Mail Analyzer

PacketViper Mail Analyzer can troubleshoot mail flow issues by simply entering a domain name.  PacketViper will test any potential problems within its own rule sets and assist resolving mail issues.

PacketViper Mail Analyzer

PacketViper Cloud Software

Eliminate unwanted traffic into your VPC environment by adding PacketViper Cloud. A simple implementation that starts protecting and improving the quality of service within your VPC.  Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) allows you to create network segments similar to a traditional network. PacketViper can protect instances within your VPC using Amazon's Elastic Public IP addresses (EIP).

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