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Changes for Version 3.0

Upgrade FAQ
  • What has been updated in 3.0? Please view the Release Notes section below for details.
  • Will there be any downtime? No, the update will not cause any downtime, however you will receive a notice that a reboot is recommended to receive the full benefits of the new version. You can schedule your reboot later when it best suits your production schedule. However, IP allocation updates will be disabled until after the system is rebooted.
  • How long will it take to update? That depends on a few factors including your Internet speed, the hardware that PacketViper is running on, and the current system load. Expect it to take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes. A dialog box will pop-up when it is done upgrading.
  • What to expect during the upgrade:
    • Once you click the upgrade link, a wait window will pop-up. Please remain on the page until the upgrade has completed.
    • Load Average warns red: During the upgrade, you may see the load average flash red. This is normal while the upgrade packages are downloaded and installed.
    • During the upgrade, you may see a message your system needs rebooted. Do not reboot until your system is completely updated or after the "reload page" pop-up appears and has been clicked.
    • Screen GUI graphics may change while upgrading. As the new packages are installed, you may notice the graphs change oddly. This is normal during the update.
    • Reload your page pop-up message. Once you receive the pop-up to reload your page, you may experience an extended refresh or even a Page can not be displayed message if it is reloaded too quickly. This is normal. Retry the refresh until the home page appears.
Release Notes
  • Improved system performance
  • Massive boot speed improvement
  • API Functionality
  • Expiring custom rules
  • FIPS 140-2 mode
  • Schedules - activate custom rules and triggers only during certain times
  • Groupings - Group countries/GNLs, IP addresses, and ports to make custom rule creation simpler
  • Scheduled tasks - automatically generated reports and backups
  • Trigger Honeypot action can now specify a custom rules group and expiration time
  • Support for 4 times more GNLs
  • Added creation time to custom rules
  • Syslog option for IDS
  • Option to disable logging of passed traffic
  • Option to use web proxy when accessing out servers
  • Improved IDS report generation
  • Created Initial Setup Wizard
  • Support for worldwide update mirrors
  • Option to send a test email when configuring mail settings
  • Option to invert source, destination, port, and geo-ip settings on custom rules and triggers
  • Increased functionality of graphs on home page
  • Option to download CSV file from filter details report
  • Bypass NIC configuration from UI
  • Various bug fixes and other user interface enhancements