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PacketViper advanced IP filtering is essential.
Handle legitimate traffic and avoid the rest.

Right now there are a growing number of networking security products that are designed to ‘handle’ traffic. These solutions create management work with increased alerts and logging and should really only be working on legitimate traffic. PacketViper helps you avoid traffic your business has no purpose for with advanced IP filtering at the perimeter.

PacketViper easily filters both inbound and outbound traffic at the port level, by both country and company. With PacketViper at the perimeter it is easy to filter out illegitimate traffic before it hits your critical network security infrastructure.

PacketViper provides the following:

  • Reduction in network traffic by up to 70%
  • Reduced DDoS bot & proxy exposure.
  • Reduced alerts and logging associated with illegitimate traffic
  • Increased performance of network security solutions in place
  • Increased transparency & understanding exactly where traffic is coming from & going to

This video offers a brief explanation of how PacketViper strengthens perimeter defense unlike any other existing solutions.