PacketViper Advanced Perimeter Defense is essential.
Allow legitimate traffic and avoid the rest.

With 100% of its computing and processing power dedicated to reducing traffic. PacketViper is the industry’s only answer to the root cause problem of unmanageable traffic.  

PacketViper helps you avoid traffic your business has no purpose for with Advanced Perimeter Defense software.  With illegitimate traffic reduced right at the network edge other essential layered security solutions like firewalls, IDS/IPS and SIEMS all work better.  Teams dedicated to log and alert review are more proactive resulting in reduced risk and the ability to respond more effectively to known and unknown threats.

PacketViper easily filters both inbound and outbound traffic at the port level, by both country and company. With PacketViper at the perimeter, it is easy to filter out illegitimate traffic before it hits your critical network security infrastructure.

PacketViper provides the following:

  • Reduction in network traffic by up to 70%
  • Reduced DDoS bot & proxy exposure.
  • Reduced alerts and logging associated with illegitimate traffic
  • Increased performance of network security solutions in place
  • Increased transparency & understanding exactly where traffic is coming from & going to
  • Create a Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZtm) to monitor dark spots at your perimeter
  • Utilize analytics and forensic tools to research traffic and at your perimeter.
  • Gain intelligence and filter new threat sources using our Triggers and Sensors

The PacketViper dashboard videos show how intuitive and straightforward to understand traffic behaviors. PacketViper isolates, filters, alerts, and traps on the main elements of the source and destination by leveraging a local intelligence database that provides the full IP context with a couple clicks of the mouse.

Home Dashboard: Admin Brief Moment In Time Video

PacketViper Home Dashboard

Country Dashboard: Simple Country Filtering Video

PacketViper Country Manager Dashboard

                                    Advanced Analytics Dashboard: Forensic/Analytics Video
        Advanced Analytics and Forensics             Advanced Analytics and Reporting
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