A Compensating Control for the Vanishing Air Gap

Written by: Don Gray | Published on: April 28th, 2021

About The Author

Don Gray
CTO Don Gray is responsible for the continued development of the PacketViper technology roadmap, harnessing his extensive experience in cybersecurity software strategy and technology development. Previously Don contributed to blogs and threat intelligence reports for NTT Security (formerly Solutionary).

Operational technology (OT) networks are becoming more connected to IT environments. As such, the once dependable ‘air gap’ protection between IT and OT no longer exists. This creates cyber risk that can result in substantial financial losses, the disruption of essential services, and possibly affect national security and public welfare.

For organizations relying on OT, the IT/OT connection creates new efficiencies in areas such as real-time optimization, monitoring, and maintenance. At the same time, IT/OT convergence increases risk and creates new pathways into critical infrastructure for cyber threats. Furthermore, properly functioning OT networks frequently push the limits of aging devices. Functional technologies approaching the end of their useful life are especially vulnerable. Air gaps are disappearing faster than these systems can be updated.

As this reality evolves, a compensating control for the vanishing air gap needs to deliver more than modernized ‘security by obscurity’.

Our new use case covers how Deception360 is uniquely suited to act as a practical compensating control to ‘shroud’ or ‘screen’ previously air-gapped OT assets.

The use case can be easily downloaded HERE.