PacketViper Deception360 Earns 5 Star Rating in SC Media Review of Deception Technology

Published on: August 20th, 2019

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Don Gray
CTO Don Gray is responsible for the continued development of the PacketViper technology roadmap, harnessing his extensive experience in cybersecurity software strategy and technology development. Previously Don contributed to blogs and threat intelligence reports for NTT Security (formerly Solutionary).

SC Labs Deception Technology Review of PacketViper Deception360® Gives 5 Stars

Pittsburgh, PA, August 20, 2019 – PacketViper, a leader in external and internal deception technology, today announced the company’s Deception360 Solution Five-Star rating, the highest possible in the SC Labs 2019 Deception Network Tools Product Review.

PacketViper Deception360 earned 5 out of 5 stars across the board in the following categories: Features, Documentation, Value for Money, Support, Performance, and Ease of Use. No weaknesses found. The review highlighted some of PacketViper’s key differences in the deception category, “PacketViper works on the perimeter as well as indie the environment. This dynamic perimeter makes the network harder to size up and subsequently keeps threats off the network, functionally complementing the traditional security stack while eliminating the attacker’s ability to operate anonymously,” said the review authored by SC Media Security Analyst Tom Weil.

“Our Deception360 solution delivers the most tangible and practical security outcomes in the deception category, which we consistently see reinforced within our customer base. We’re very pleased with the SC Labs review and look forward to furthering the use of deception technology to solve practical cybersecurity problems,” said Francesco Trama, CEO and founder, PacketViper.

The full review on PacketViper Deception360 is available via this link:

About PacketViper
PacketViper is an active, agentless cybersecurity deception solution combining internal deception with active exterior facing deception artifacts. PacketViper acts early in the Cyber Kill Chain® at reconnaissance detecting, preventing and responding to threats automatically and without complex orchestrations. This approach is based on a lower level of interaction where threats and decoys are lightweight, software-based and easily deployed. PacketViper can be easily deployed in both the public and private sectors in almost any industry.