PacketViper Deception360® Available for Microsoft Azure

Published on: January 9th, 2020

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Don Gray
CTO Don Gray is responsible for the continued development of the PacketViper technology roadmap, harnessing his extensive experience in cybersecurity software strategy and technology development. Previously Don contributed to blogs and threat intelligence reports for NTT Security (formerly Solutionary).

Now deploy deception technology in the environment of your choice. On-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. With PacketViper.

Pittsburgh, PA – PacketViper, the cyber deception leader for automated threat detection, prevention and response, announced the general availability of Deception360® for Microsoft® Azure®. Deception360 for Azure cloud helps customers leverage deception to reduce dwell time and respond to threats within the Azure cloud environment while also preventing attackers from getting in.

“With digital transformation efforts moving critical security services to the cloud, organizations need automated protection,” stated PacketViper CTO Don Gray. “Deception360 provides the only lightweight deception that can automatically prevent, detect, and respond to threats within the Azure cloud environment.”

With either situation, introducing Deception360 at the earliest stages of the attack cycle provides the best opportunity to thwart cyber attackers. In all environments, once a decoy or sensor is touched by a threat, a variety of adaptive response options can be deployed including high-fidelity alerts. The alerts are sent at wire speeds to a security team and the advanced threat is outright blocked.

This new product release represents a critical step taken on the PacketViper product roadmap. It will enable businesses to adopt and utilize the deception strategy in the environment of their choice be it on-premise, in the cloud, or some hybrid setup.

In addition, PacketViper was recently selected as an SC Media 2019 Innovator for their creativity, success in their individual market space and how well they will perform over time.

Find PacketViper at RSA Conference 2020. Stop by booth #5467.

About PacketViper

PacketViper provides cyber deception solutions with automated threat detection, prevention and response for IT and OT networks. It uses agentless deception internally and externally to stop outside threats from getting in and manage risk from threats already on the network, preventing harm. Internal deception detects and responds to threats moving laterally with virtually no false positives. External deception creates the appearance of a moving target, making reconnaissance harder and preventing attacks. PacketViper also produces machine-readable threat intelligence that is automatically applied, supporting real-time policy enforcement. Our customers cover multiple industries in the public and private sectors.

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