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PacketViper CyberTalk360 Webinar Series from the transformative cybersecurity solutions provider you can trustRegister for PacketViper’s CyberTalk360 January 19 Webinar, a 15-minute discussion about all things cybersecurity.

2021 presents a multitude of cybersecurity challenges. It’s challenging to sort through the clutter and make sense of it all.

That’s why we’re launching this webinar. Each month our team will get together to dig into the latest news, issues and newsworthy cybersecurity topics.

As a former NATO commander told Gartner back in 2017, “Cybersecurity is the most worrying threat we face.”  It seems this still holds true today.

As you think about how you will face this threat, please join us, every third Tuesday of the Month, at 11am EST.

Our webinar format is 15 minutes with the PacketViper team – and the occasional guest – talking about the hottest topics and latest trends in cybersecurity. Click below to register for the January’s CyberTalk360:
PacketViper CyberTalk360 January

Do you have a topic to suggest? Send it to us via Twitter @PacketViper or share it with us right here: