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“I reviewed the product for 30 days. The threats and/or countries being managed include those considered dangerous to our network. PacketViper can prevent them from even getting to our firewall. Excellent example of another layer of Defense in Depth.”
— Craig

Measurable benefits include:

  • Precision Geo-Targeting
  • Reduced network traffic
  • DDoS and flooding protection
  • See what’s leaving your network in a leakage report
  • Customized threat intelligence
  • Reduced logging and alert fatigue
  • Trap offenders and gather intelligence in the VMZ™
  • Interior and Perimeter Deception with decoys, and sensors
  • Advanced Forensics and Analytics
  • Government agencies should strengthen defense with Cyber Border Control™

Hardware installation is quick and painless. Get full functionality while receiving a reduction in traffic volume, better intelligence, and a hardened defense. See for yourself.  Contact us today.

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