Optimizing OT Network Defense While Maintaining OEE

Dynamic Threat Detection and Response for OT Without Unplanned Downtime

Learn about an OT security approach that improves visibility and security without reducing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

OT White Paper
 OT Network Defense White Paper  ©PacketViper 2019

IT and OT have different core missions. The convergence of these systems presents new security challenges. Commonly used IT security systems may threaten the reliability and performance of essential OT networks and systems.

This white paper outlines an approach to OT network security that preserves OEE without unplanned downtime by emphasizing the following:

  • Increased visibility with network saturation and passive network monitoring
  • Overcoming limitation on new controls with adaptive, graduated detection and response capabilities
  • Enterprise-wide orchestration and emergency response options with centralized management.

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