The general objective of a PacketViper no-cost POC is to demonstrate how the PacketViper IT / PacketViper OT Solution can enhance the security of Internet or Network connected facilities and deployments. The solution is designed to prevent external threats from accessing the network through external or internal intrusions. It also can detect and respond to threats on the network for the purpose of containing and eliminating them, all while protecting 2-way data flow to ensure safe management and monitoring of connected devices. This is all achieved by the solution providing wire-speed contextual filtering; lightweight deception and traffic sensor features; the creation and application of organically derived threat intelligence based on real-time network behavior; and the ability to identify and eliminate unwanted, unnecessary, and potentially threatening IP traffic from a variety of sources up to and including designated 3rd party supplier and vendor entities. The POC also includes PacketViper software and professional services as required to fully deploy the solution.

PacketViper POC’s typically run for 30 Days, although complex environment may require up to 45 days. POC’s usually comprise five phases, including initial configuration, implementation and tuning, final configuration, deliverables and advanced configuration options. The PacketViper Consultant will work closely with Client through the POC To provide training through each phase of the project.


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