Packet Viper
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What is PacketViper?

icon-v-shield.pngPacketViper is surgically precise filtering software that works on both inbound and outbound traffic;  by port, at the packet level,  by country and company.  It complements firewalls by limiting  who has access to the exposed network  ports. 

What About Bots and Proxy Connections?

icon-bots.pngBots and proxied connection would find it much more difficult once PacketViper is in place.  When PacketViper is filtering, the attacker’s options are much more limited because they do not have a clear attack vector from all their bots. 

How Does It Work?

PacketViper  can be placed in many different locations within a network, 
but is most commonly installed inline, and in front of existing  perimeter security.  

Is PacketViper Hardware or Software?

It's Both PacketViper can be downloaded or purchased a with our own customizable hardware. 

Can I Filter Bi-Directionally?

Yes.  PacketViper can filter different ports in each direction to/from any country, or to/from any global network list

What about Virtual Environment?

Yes.  PacketViper can be installed into cloud or your own virtual environments. 

Does PacketViper Have Threat Intelligence

Yes!  PacketViper maintains over 20 different Threat Intelligence lists that are obtained from our own unique methods. 

Does PacketViper Have Enterprise Management?

Yes! You can purchase PacketViper Enterprise Manager to keep multiple PacketVipers in sync, and simplify management..