What is PacketViper?

icon-v-shield.pngPacketViper is the industry's leading network security solution focused on keeping illegitimate traffic from entering or leaving networks. PacketViper Advanced Perimeter Defense software reduces network traffic unlike anything else on the market. CLICK HERE for a look.

What About Bots and Proxy Connections?

icon-bots.pngBots and proxied connection find it much more difficult once PacketViper is in place.  When PacketViper's Virtual Minefield Zone™ is implemented, the attacker’s options are much more limited because they do not have a clear attack vector from all their bots. 

How Does It Work?

icon-gear.pngPacketViper sits in-line at the edge of the network with the primary purpose of reducing traffic and creating transparency.  The focus on traffic, best-in-class IP database, intuitive filtering and logging and triggers provide advanced perimeter defense.

How is it Different than Firewalls?

icon-cloudserver.pngIt is different but complementary. PacketViper is focused on traffic reduction while firewalls are focused on application layer & deep packet inspection.  These are very different technological competencies.

Can I Filter Bi-Directionally?

icon-circle.pngYes.  PacketViper can filter different ports in each direction to/from any country, or to/from any global network list.  Frequently outbound filtering rules are more relaxed, which makes it easy for things like ransomware to call back to command & control.

What about Virtual Environment?

icon-virtual.pngYes.  PacketViper can be installed into cloud or your own virtual environments.  For more on this visit this page PacketViper Cloud

Does PacketViper Have Threat Intelligence?

icon-threat.pngYes! PacketViper includes threat intelligence from multiple sources including 3rd party providers, proprietary threat intelligence generated by PacketViper honeypot sensors deployed around the world and custom threat intelligence is generated at each client's network edge.

Does PacketViper Have Enterprise Management?

icon-enterprise-sm.pngYes! Customers with multiple PacketViper units can use PacketViper Enterprise Manager to centrally manage all of their PacketVipers, keep multiple PacketVipers in sync, and simplify management.  For more on this visit this page PacketViper Enterprise Manager

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