Cyber Border Control™ Protects National Interests

Government networks are popular cyber-crime targets.Leaders of government are increasingly tasked with managing the cybersecurity risks to their enterprises and breaches can result in national security disasters.

Cyber Border Control™ (CBC™) solutions from PacketViper in clude the industry's only Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ)  and provide the ultimate dynamic network border protection for federal networks and critical infrastructure. PacketViper CBC™ and the VMZ creates a dynamic, virtually impenetrable perimeter that lets users point & click on all key components of the IP including company, country, network space & port. This uses filtering logic and traffic rules to create treacherous paths for connections working outside of normal operating ranges.  All of this can be done in both directions.

PacketViper Cyber Border Control™ is cost effective and augments security solutions such as the firewall, SIEM, IDS & IPS. These existing security solutions benefit from PacketViper reducing as much as 70% of the illegitimate network traffic. PacketViper improves visibility and control at the border both inbound and outbound.

Enabling Compliance with the U.S. Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure

CBC™ solutions from PacketViper allow government network managers to easily comply with the 2017 US Executive Order on Cybersecurity.  

Aligned with National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Framework

The 2017 US executive order on cybersecurity requires all federal agencies to adopt the NIST framework for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity.  PacketViper Cyber Border Control™ provides practical, easy to implement, high impact solutions that are well aligned with the NIST Framework Core Functions:

  • IDENTIFY - CBC™ solutions make it easier to identify threats, both known and unknown, that are attempting to either enter or leave the network.
  • PROTECT - Stop harmful connection based DDoS and flooding attacks using time and rate based sensors, as well as bi-directional port level filters.
  • DETECT - Detect threats early by capturing and eliminating network scans and service probes.
  • RESPOND - Respond to unconventional traffic patterns based on advanced analytics and edge intelligence.
  • RECOVER - Reduce the time to recovery by identifying threats faster at the border/network edge.

Using PacketViper Cyber Border Control™ the network border defense is configured to defend the network, trap and gather intelligence on threat sources.  Users can also deploy the PacketViper Virtual Minefield Zone™ / VMZ to further enhance cyber border defense and control.

CBC™ solutions are cost-effective and well aligned with the recent cybersecurity executive order of the United States President.  PacketViper CBC™ provides an easy and intuitive way to meet the key directives of the most recent executive order on cybersecurity:

  • Secure Federal Networks
  • Protect Critical Infrastructure
  • Manage Cybersecurity Risk
View the U.S. President's Executive Order on Cybersecurity
Download the USA CBC Data Sheet

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