PacketViper Internships

We want YOU to be a part of our team! Our internship opportunities will give you the freedom to apply what you’ve learned throughout your college career, expand your knowledge in your field of study, and will prepare you for a real on-the-job experience. Internships are a great way to explore the career choices that lie ahead of you. If you are in your junior or senior year, this program is for you.

Why Intern?

Internships offer many benefits.  Other than finding your potential next employer, internships can offer the following:

  • Help you decide on your field of study and inspire a career choice
  • Test-drive your knowledge, skills, and gain the experience you will need
  • Find mentors and role-models that can impact your career
  • Build confidence and have the opportunity to watch, learn, and grow

Corporate Internship Programs

Internship Program Periods

  • Fall: September 4 – December 8
  • Spring: January 8 – May 7
  • Summer: May 16 – September 10