The Leading Threat Defense Platform

PacketViper offers an integrated and automated cybersecurity deception, intelligence and defense platform for network security managers and managed security service providers seeking to simply the complexities of cybersecurity and do more with existing human and financial resources.

PacketViper can dramatically reduce network traffic up to 70%, while both identifying and reducing threats.

PacketViper deception features work in all directions (North/South & East/West) to provide dynamic deception across all areas of the network.

Threat intelligence that is harvested through deceptive efforts is easily applied to defense rules in an automated manner.

Our Origin Story

Reducing the complexities of cybersecurity and finding practical and high-impact ways to harden overall cybersecurity defenses has been our focus since the inception of the company.  Founded in 2011, the origin of PacketViper starts in the network operations department of a Pittsburgh, PA area distribution company servicing convenience stores. Inundated with alerts, understaffed and frustrated by limitations of some industry leading firewall, IDS, IPS and SIEM solutions, Network Operations Director Francesco ‘Frank’ Trama asked a simple question, “Why is my infrastructure handling so much illegitimate IP traffic and how can I get more proactive in my approach to cybersecurity?” He posed this question to trusted consultant Daniel Gynn, an expert in software development, operating systems and network designs.

The result was the foundation of today’s PacketViper Cybersecurity Threat Defense platform and an approach to deception, intelligence gathering and perimeter defense unlike anything else on the market.

Key features of the software were patented, the solution was architected, and the company and application both known as PacketViper were born.


Francesco Trama

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

As Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Frank is responsible for the overall operating performance, leading the strategic direction of the company’s products and solutions internally while building technical and business credibility externally as a market-facing thought leader. Frank also is co-inventor of a patent issued for selectively regulating network traffic. Frank is an experienced network engineer and prior to PacketViper, held senior IT network management roles at Liberty USA, Partner and Director of Libcom Internet Services ISP, Sr Network/Systems Engineer and PM for business such as The Future Now, CompuCom, and Xerox Connect. Frank holds a BS in Technical Management from Embry-Riddle University and is a decorated veteran of the US Army.


Daniel T. Gynn

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

As Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Dan is responsible for the overall product development in addition to directing the R&D and technology planning and execution.   Dan also is co-inventor of a patent issued for selectively regulating network traffic.  Dan is deeply experienced in web applications, software development, operating systems, network design and virtualization. Prior to PacketViper, Dan led Gynn Technologies, LLC as President and earlier in his career served as Executive Vice President of Essential Systems, Inc.  Dan holds BS degrees in computer science and business from the University of Pittsburgh.


Ken Wolf

Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer, Ken’s responsibilities include leading the overall strategic direction to meet revenue goals while identifying and pursuing new revenue streams, optimizing existing revenue streams and establishing channel partnership opportunities and the go-to market plan. As a market focused executive, Ken specializes in commercializing disruptive technologies. Prior to joining PacketViper, Ken held executive level positions focused on commercialization strategy, channels and sales at RedZone Robotics and Confluence. Ken holds a BS in English from Providence College.

Gary McGuirk Jr.

Chief Financial Officer/Controller

As Chief Financial Officer/Controller Gary’s responsibilities include developing financial well-being of the organization by providing financial projections and accounting services; preparing growth plans; directing staff. Prior to joining PacketViper, he held an executive level position as President of Liberty USA Inc, a top ten distribution company in Pittsburgh, PA. He was responsible for growing the business to 800 million dollars during his tenure. Gary holds a BS in Business Administration and Finance from the Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.