Three Industries Benefit From Proactive Cybersecurity

Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: July 25th, 2017

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Financial Services

Financial ServicesCompanies in the financial services sector possess highly sensitive data, and therefore cyber-attackers typically consider the time, effort and risk of attacking them to be well worth the potential reward. At the same time that financial services companies need to leverage technology advances to support customer demands, they also need to provide superior security. Cyber attackers are becoming more powerful and abundant, leveraging their ability to stay small and wield the powers of distraction and destruction. While financial services firms remain a target of the largest most complex attacker organizations, the price of admission to conduct cyber-attacks is only going down and the proliferation of novice attackers add to the state on ongoing attacks. Some of the top challenges in financial services are threats that are initiated from other nation states. This along with the ever-increasing cost of failure and tightening regulatory requirements creates quite a security challenge. It is essential that financial services network security managers be proactive with respect to their risk mitigation strategies and cybersecurity.

“The 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that the financial industry racked up 1,368 incidents in 2016 – second only to the entertainment industry, when evaluated as a single industry category.” Source: 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report


hospitality.pngThe hospitality industry, as well as resort, hotel and gaming industries have increasingly been targeted by cyber criminals. Payment and point-of-sale systems are prime targets for hackers seeking to get credit card information and guest personal data. The wealth of information obtainable through a successful attack make these industries attractive targets not only for novice attackers but for organized crime as well, who would potentially seek to sell databases of customer credit card information. Some of the top challenges in these popular industries are threats that are initiated from other nation states. With the ever-increasing cost of a breach, it is essential that industry network security managers be proactive with respect to their risk mitigation strategies.

“The global hospitality industry now sits in the top three of industries most frequently targeted by hackers” Source: 2015 Trustwave Global Security Report




retail industry iconData breaches within the retailing industry have a layered impact on stores. Not only are there serious financial implications to the retailer but the reputation damage and loss of consumer confidence are immeasurable. The return on time invested to hack retailers is potentially great. Credit card information is the primary target and once criminals are in possession of that data, there is an established black market. Successful attacks produce profits for cyber criminals As retailers continue to adopt and implement mobile applications into their operations, there is an acute need for better tools, procedures and risk mitigation strategies to protect both customer and supplier data. With outsiders posing the greatest threat to retailers (see chart), sound perimeter defense is vital.

Rethink the Perimeter

At PacketViper we think a sound risk mitigation plan begins by rethinking the perimeter defense plan. PacketViper strengthens security at the perimeter unlike existing solutions. PacketViper does this with Advanced IP Filtering, which provides the ability to precisely and easily filter traffic both inbound and outbound by company & country at the port level. PacketViper helps you limit the attackers’ ability to see you without restricting the ability to do business.

PacketViper Benefits

PacketViper sits outside of the firewall as an undetectable in-line bridge performing Advanced IP Filtering. PacketViper offers the following benefits to retailers:

  • Identify rogue and questionable connections from malware & DDoS attackers
  • Reduce network traffic up to 70%
  • Reduce the attack surface & minimize the ability to be seen
  • Improve performance of firewalls, SIEMS & other essential security components by increasing the % of legitimate traffic.

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