Why a Next-Gen Advanced Ip Layer Is Now More Important than Ever

Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: January 19th, 2016

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Francesco Trama
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Up until recently, an Advanced Ip layer was not considered to be a viable method of protection against cyberattacks. In the past, people made attempts at Advanced Ip filtering, but it was ultimately ineffective. Blocking IP addresses based on their country of origin can eliminate some threats, but not all of them.

Previous attempts resulted in blocking legitimate users who attempt to access the site from that country. The more countries that were blocked in an attempt to keep threats at bay, the more legitimate users you block as well. This meant that corporate websites could earn a reputation for being problematic and difficult to access, which means losing a lot of business.

Of course, that scenario isn’t happy. The good news is that Advanced Ip  Filtering has evolved and it is now possible for corporate security networks to block unwanted traffic without excluding legitimate parties.

The Evolution of Advanced Ip  Filtering

Much like other technologies, the Advanced Ip layer has evolved and improved over time. Knowing where an IP address is coming from is still your best first line of defense against cyberattacks. The trick is then to be able to identify which IPs are threats and which are legitimate users. Fortunately, modern Advanced Ip filtering is designed with almost surgical precision as it scans the traffic coming into your network environment.

Previously, Advanced Ip was simply an add-on to your firewall. It would sniff out threats as part of the total cybersecurity package. Now, with Next-Gen Advanced Ip  Filtering, you can buy a separate Advanced Ip layer that specializes in rooting out threats by location. What’s the difference? A separate Advanced Ip layer is more sophisticated and more discerning.

Precision Advanced IP Filtering

In the age of precision Advanced Ip filtering, we now have the ability to pick and choose which IPs get through and which don’t as we see fit. Rather than a standard, cookie-cutter solution, we can customize our advanced Ip layer based on the way we do business. Instead of just dealing with a blanket of traffic, we can pick and choose how that traffic is presented to us, the same way you’d choose, say, a mobile carrier or an Internet provider.

If, for instance, you’re getting a lot of cyberattacks from Russia, you can add Russia to the list of countries that are blocked from accessing your system. However, if you also have important clients from Russia, you can customize your Advanced Ip Location filter, teaching it to recognize the difference between a random cyberattack from Russia and a legitimate client. With an Advanced Ip layer that’s smart and precise, you can protect yourself against potential threats without losing business.

Of course, threats can still get through. No cybersecurity system is 100% foolproof. If they tell you it is, they’re not to be trusted, and THINKING that it is is the quickest way to leave yourself vulnerable. However, the threats that do get through will be greatly reduced. This way, your own cybersecurity team will be able to give each potential threat the careful scrutiny it deserves, rather than being overwhelmed and causing bottlenecks in the system.

The modern Advanced Ip layer has come a long way in just a few years. Whereas before, it was a blanket solution and not enough to keep your system truly safe, now it’s your best option for keeping mass cyber threats at bay. How will you use Advanced Ip Location filtering to improve YOUR company?