The Jester… Cyber Batman? Or just another Hacker?

Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: November 16th, 2016

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Francesco Trama
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One hacktivist has decided to stray away from the path of defiling companies and create his own path in the Cyber-World. Only known as “The Jester”, this hacktivist focuses mainly on hacking and shutting down Islamic Extremists Websites. According to Jester he has been conducting these operations for quite some time now. Over the past 5 years, He has shut down/defaced over 179 ISIS Propaganda websites.

When CNN asked why he does what he does he told them, “I realized something needed to be done about online radicalization and ‘grooming’ of wannabe jihadis, and we didn’t have mechanisms to deal with it…So I decided to start disrupting them myself”. In January of 2016,  Jester hacked into The Global Islamic Media Front, a jihadist website that provides the tools and teaches terrorists how to communicate privately, and vandalized the website by planting two images of Charlie Hebdo covers — one showing Mohammed and the other showing a Muslim man kissing a magazine cartoonist. His response to his actions were as stated ,“ The aim was to push it out there and give them a black eye,” he said. While the Jester conducts his operations without the approval of any U.S Government Agency, he secretly collects information off of the websites he hacks and passes the stolen info to his friends at the U.S Government.


So how did The Jester become “The Jester”? It all started back when he was a U.S soldier in Afghanistan. His job in the military was to test computer servers and upgrade their security systems. He claimed that this was the start of his cyber vigilante career. His job in the military gave him all the necessary skills to start disrupting ISIS on the cyber front. Many see him as a Cyber Vigilante, acting without consequence and doing what others cannot; though, we see him as a hero. The Jester is protecting us from Islamic Terrorists and anyone who tries to dismantle the great nation of the United States.