Security Zen and How to Achieve it

Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: January 31st, 2017

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Francesco Trama
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Computer technology extends to almost every area of society and social sphere. Our pre-Internet way of life is now consigned to the history books – no one born after the early 1990s has experienced a world without the Internet.

However, advances in computer technology are also enabling criminals to commit crimes. They can steal your identity, dupe you into disclosing sensitive information such as bank and online accounts, and distribute information about your family such as medical records. These modern day crimes are in principle the same as the “classic” crimes, such as theft, forgery, fraud and illegal gambling. To help protect you business and family from modern day cyber attacks Try out these 4 Steps to Security Zen

  • You’re Already a Target- Cyber attacks have dramatically increased 3x since 2013. This means attackers have become smarter and more effective. If you’re still battling threats with outdated security systems you are leaving the door open for hackers to infiltrate your files. Update your Systems!
  • IPS, Firewalls, and Anti-Virus Wont always protect you- Today’s advanced attacks bypass signature- and reputation-based security approaches that rely on historical threat data by exploiting unknown vulnerabilities in websites and applications. In the time it takes traditional security products to update their databases with malware and high-risk websites, advanced threats have often already evolved into new, and undetectable attacks by exploiting unknown those vulnerabilities in the websites and applications.
  • Man Every Guard Post- Cyber Attacks in this day in age operate across multiple attack routes such as , email, mobile, and web. Attacks are often designed to unfold in multiple stages where malware gets in, spreads laterally and gets valuables out. Having all attack routes guarded will ensure your security.
  • Protect the Most Valuable Assets- Creating an effective security plan entitles you to understand what data needs to be protected. Assets like customer data, login credentials, and any sensitive personal or project information are just some examples of the data

Practicing these steps will help you better protect yourself from Cyber Attacks and reach Security Zen . Have a Tip of your own please share with us in the comment section below.