How to Choose a Security Vendor for a Positive Long-Term Relationship

Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: January 18th, 2016

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Francesco Trama
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What do you look for when shopping for a security vendor? There are a number of factors to consider, and a number of criteria to keep in mind. You may want a vendor that works well in tandem with additional products; or, you may want a single, overarching vendor that covers your entire environment. Whatever you’re looking for, the important thing is choosing a security vendor that will be a good fit for your particular needs.

Looking Towards Long Term Needs

The problem is, just because a network security vendor can cater to your needs at this moment, that doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for you long term. Your needs may change, or their products may change, or there may be cost issues that you’re no longer able to sustain. However, once you’ve implemented a particular security system, and it’s integrated into your network, it can be difficult to switch without causing upheaval. So choose wisely, or you may be stuck with the wrong vendor for a long time to come.

Different vendors have different things they do well. When you choose a security vendor because its focus is something that your company needs, it may seem like a perfect fit at that moment. But will that focus continue to be what you need going forward?

Instead, you need to find a vendor that can do everything. Of course, finding a single vendor that provides all the services you need is virtually impossible. If you do find one that’s all-encompassing or claims to be, they end up being a “jack of all trades, master of none,” which may cover a lot of different areas but provides mediocre service in most or all of them. What you really need is a vendor that might not necessarily be all-encompassing, but can accommodate changes in your network and security needs over time.

Your company WILL change over time, and as it does, your network will change as well. Your volume is going up, which requires you to increase your platform to accommodate more information. You need increased bandwidth, bigger servers, etc. Or maybe you’re scaling down your business, and don’t need as big a network as you did previously. Either way, your security vendor needs to be able to go with the flow and accommodate those needs over time.

Advanced IP-Location and Network Security

One method of network security that can stand the test of time is Advanced Ip-Location. It is the foundation of the internet. IP addresses are a fixture of any Internet usage, and they’re categorized by country. This means that network security that filters IPs based on the country will continue to be relevant, no matter how much things change otherwise—either with regards to your company or to technology in general.

There will be (and have been) improvements in the way Advanced Ip-Location filtering works, but the concept remains the same. Advanced Ip-filtering will always be useful in network security. If you can find a vendor that provides that, they will be able to stick with your company long term and provide the network security you need, no matter how much things change.

The thing to look for, when choosing a security vendor, is not a single vendor that offers a variety of different solutions. More isn’t necessarily better, as we’ve seen. Instead, you need a single solution that’s flexible enough to meet your security needs as your company grows and evolves. That’s why Advanced Ip-Location filtering is such a good option. It can not only provide you with the network security you need but also serve as the foundation for a solid long term relationship with your vendor, that can last for years to come.